This is how the invisible turned visible – a lesson on manifesting Reviewed by Momizat on . A Lesson on Manifesting Yesterday - less than 2 weeks after we (hubby and me) officially decided what we want to do (sell up and sail around the world), and 1 w A Lesson on Manifesting Yesterday - less than 2 weeks after we (hubby and me) officially decided what we want to do (sell up and sail around the world), and 1 w Rating: 0
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This is how the invisible turned visible – a lesson on manifesting

This is how the invisible turned visible – a lesson on manifesting

A Lesson on Manifesting

Yesterday – less than 2 weeks after we (hubby and me) officially decided what we want to do (sell up and sail around the world), and 1 week after our house was put on the market (again), we received an offer for full asking price on our house. To get full asking price in England is not common – usually the prospective buyer makes a lower off and you haggle for a few days.  Furthermore, our house is not the type to sell quickly. In our case, we got FULL asking price. To make matters even more appealing, the offer is a full cash offer – no mortgage required nor is there any chain. The owners do not have to sell a house in order to buy ours. (To read about my decision to sell up and sail read my article: Instead of blaming people for your life results ask, ‘why have I created this situation’? Also – by reading that first article, this article will make more sense, so please go read that first!)


The manifestation of a house sale into physical reality happened fast. How did I do it?

A wee bit of background first: Our house sold months ago but due to the planning requirements of the previous buyer the sale was postponed 4 – 5 times and wrapped up in political debates (long story).

Knowing that I create my reality, I eventually asked myself why am I preventing my house from selling?

I eventually got my answer – the sale wasn’t going through because I didn’t know where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do. I was conflicted and the world was reflecting that back to me. I wanted to move and I wanted to start a new life chapter but where and how were a massive unknown to me.

Once I decided what I wanted the universe kicked into gear

However, once I decided on what I wanted for my future I felt a passion surge through me. It’s as if I made a decision that felt right whereas all the past decisions did not. When we first decided to sell our house, our plans were to move to the South coast yet no matter where we looked I wasn’t excited about the options. Moving house felt more like a distraction rather than an exciting new opportunity.

When we decided to sell up and sail, however, that felt different. It’s a weird thing – making decisions. You can think about things until your blue in the face but until you actually decide upon something you won’t know how it feels to potentially live out that life course. I’ve thought of selling up and sailing around the world for years but I just thought about it. Actually deciding to do it was always one step too far.

Making a solid decision changed everything

Once I decided that buying a yacht, selling my possessions and drastically changing my lifestyle was a likely next step my perception on myself, my family and the world in general changed. Everything changed – life became more exciting again! It was an epiphany moment – I increasingly kept thinking, ‘yes – this makes sense for us to do!’

Once the decision was made I reflected back along my life

This change took several days, yet while living with the notion that I was going to travel around the world with my house with me I reflected back to my younger years. I was born with the love of travel. As soon as I could drive, I’d head in any direction for as long as my gas would last. During university I’d stay at one friends dorm room or another friends apartment. I was a nomad. No place was ever home. And I never felt as if I had to have a home.

And to bring sailing into this…every time I went sailing I never wanted to return home. During sailing holidays I’d cry on the transit back to the plane. I’ve always enjoyed looking around that next corner to see what and who was there. I loved the peacefulness of the sea and the concept that I was able to get from one point to another using the wind! Amazing.

My home isnt’t a ‘home’

Looking around my house now, several of our ceiling lights don’t have lampshades. It’s not that I don’t care about how the house looks, it’s just that I don’t notice them. Every room is exactly the way it was when we purchased the house 3 years ago. The only decorative statement that I’ve made is to throw a few colourful cushions here and there to add colour. We have pictures in the attic that have never been hung because we just couldn’t be bothered.

Working harder and longer to get more stuff doesn’t make sense any more

The last few days I’ve found myself cleaning the house thinking, ‘We work hard to get a bigger and bigger house only to fill it with more and more stuff. And then we have to spend time cleaning the house and all the stuff.’ And for me – I don’t really care about my house or the stuff in it. And as for cleaning – why would anyone want to spend their time doing that when you could be out living life!

It would not be difficult for me to close the door on my house, leave all my stuff (bar a few sentimental items) and walk on to my next adventure. That’s me. That’s the way I am and only now am I starting to realize who I am what really makes me tick. It’s so exciting!

Fitting into ‘normal’ life isn’t what works for me

I feel as if I was moulded into a form that fits ‘normal’ life but ‘normal’ life is not what I want. It doesn’t make me happy. I don’t want to work and work and work only to buy a bigger and bigger house to store more and more stuff. And now I’m realizing I don’t have to keep that mould anymore. Exciting times.

Another thing that has happened since D-Day (decision to sell up and sail day) is that I’ve become excited about the possibility of writing about my adventures. I love to write. Looking back at my younger years again and I see a girl that wanted to be an artist and/or a writer. I allowed those dreams to be squashed, as most of us do, in return for a career that offers a better chance for making money. Money, money, money… we all want money so that we can have that bigger house and more stuff. ARGGGGGHHHHH

This decision has empowered me in a serious way

It’s been several days now that I’ve sat with the knowledge that we’re going to sell up and sail. I’ve become super excited about the prospect of eating locally sourced foods, fresh fish (that I’m going to catch), and spending time cooking/baking with my daughter. I’ve imagined the people that we’ll meet along the journey – locals, other boaters and everyone in-between. And the fun we’ll be able to supply when friends and family join us on a leg of our voyage. I think of finding a local coffee shop to go do my writing – each week it will be different yet perhaps feel like ‘home’ to me. I’ve laid awake at night thinking that instead of watching CSI, we’ll be looking up at the stars using our IPad to find the Space Station or enjoying a conversation with the boat moored up next to us. All this feels like the normal that I want to experience – all this feels exciting.

So how did I materialise our house to sell so quickly?

I finally decided to do something that made me feel passionate, excited, scared and energised. Once I made the decision to sell up and sail the gears of the universe clicked into motion.

Usually I picture or visualise what I want. For months hubby and I have been picturing our house sale to go through. We could easily visualise that but both of us were struggling to visualise what would happen next. We knew what we didn’t want but couldn’t figure out what we wanted. The best we could do is see us in a rented house figuring out what house we wanted to buy next. It wasn’t exciting. It was something to look forward to, but there was no strong draw towards it.

Once the decision was made and it felt right things quickly started to flow

Once I decided what I wanted and my mind/body said “YES” I didn’t have to picture the house selling. I instantly knew it was going to happen. Just like I know we’re going to get a particular boat that we have our eye on. I have this knowing that is so strong. It’s as if I already have what I want and now I just need to let it flow into physical existence.

I think that you can visualise and picture things forever and nothing will happen. What creates materialisation is the energy you produce when you feel what living a particular life will give you.

And to get that energised feeling you might have to decide to do 5 different things before you find the one thing that makes your mind/body really say, ‘YES – THAT’S IT!’

Getting to ‘Yes – That’s it!’

We’re all so afraid to fail that we’re so scared to decide to do anything. We just think all the time about what we could do but never test anything out. And you won’t know if it’s right unless you fully say, ‘Yep – I’m going to give this a go.’

Before the sell up and sail decision we decided to buy a beautiful house on the South coast next to a marina where our current boat is moored. The house was amazing. The area was amazing. Great schools for our daughter. Everything looked good…HOWEVER, I kept having this niggle that it just wasn’t right. I didn’t want to buy such a big house but I didn’t know why. After deciding to buy the house and living with it for a while, I eventually blew up at my husband saying, “I don’t want this! It’s not right. I don’t want to have to find a job that pays for such a large house!”

At that point I had no idea that the decision to sell up and sail was coming. I just knew that buying a big house wasn’t right. We don’t know what we don’t know. But to find out what we don’t know we need to get out there and decide something – anything. The more we realise what doesn’t feel right the quicker we’ll get to something that does work for us.

Get out there and keep deciding on different avenues until you find one that’s the right fit

It’s been two years now that I’ve bumbled around thinking, ‘what should I do.’ I’ve tried loads of decisions on and ironically I’ve avoided considering the two things I love to do – sail and write! It’s so funny. The guru’s say that the answers are all right in front of your nose.

Hopefully this entry might get you to try on a new decision? And please don’t think I’m saying that everyone should sell up and sail. That’s not the case. What I think people will benefit from, however, is to try various decisions to determine what feels right. To consider what you love to do and ignore what is ‘normal.’ Look at who you are, what you like and take a guess at what might be a new direction. Decide to go forward – yes, it’s going to be scary…but it’s also going to be exciting.

Don’t get to the age of 80 and look back thinking, ‘If only …..’

I know I’m not going to!

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