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About Me

Kimberly Ann BrownThe Story of Me

Welcome! My name is Kim Brown (aka Kimeraya) and I appreciate your visit.

Hopefully you can write to me to let me know a bit more about yourself, but in the meantime let me give you an insight as to who I am and why I’ve created this space… I’m an American living in the UK with my husband Simon (aka Simie-Sime-Sausage), my daughter Sienna (aka Cutie Pie), my father-in-law Keith (aka Keith-the-thief) and our dog Poppy (aka Popsicle).

And there’s one more member of our immediate family – her name is Selene and she’s a 34.6’ Moody Sailboat that we moor off the South Coast of England.

I’ve been in England since 1998 and I although I miss my hometown of Rochester, New York I wouldn’t want to live any other place. England has helped me create a great home with fantastic friends and family. Furthermore, business domination is far easier in the UK than it is in America. I love the fact that within a few hours I can drive to meet anyone and it doesn’t hurt having one of the best cities on my doorstep – London. My life is awesome…

But my life didn’t start off being awesome

Like many others, my upbringing wasn’t very good. My parents didn’t know who they were or what they wanted – they were young, innocent and lacked knowledge about how life really worked. Dad was a work-a-holic heroin addict and mom found solace in wine. I was taught that life sucks, people are out to get you, and there’s only two certainties – death and taxes. I was led to believe that life is a dreaded struggle and the best way to cope is to do drugs, drink alcohol, have affairs and use your kids to pump the keg.

I also deduced at a very young age (rightly or wrongly) that I was worthless, unloved and imperfect – very imperfect.

As you can imagine, my path from childhood to adulthood was fraught with complications. I didn’t care about myself or anyone around me. And I was so afraid of being hurt that I created a wall around my heart that eventually became impermeable. I stopped feeling emotions and semi-self-destructed. After failing out of University, dating the wrong kind of guys and feeling sorry for myself, I eventually looked in the mirror and decided there must be another way.

This was the point in my life where I became obsessed with becoming successful and proving to my parents that I was/am worthy. So I set off to climb the corporate ladder – going from bottom feeder to executive to manager, to senior manager and on up. I read all the self-help books, posted ‘you can do it’ on my mirrors and shouted daily about my greatness. Once I got to the top of the corporate ladder, I then became CEO/President of a company. I then decided that I must own my own company so I started a few of those. Eventually I made millions and had no more climbing to do.

Even though I made millions I didn’t feel successful

Eventually, I realized that proving my worth or my ability to be successful was futile. It dawned on me that it doesn’t matter what my parents or others think – what matters is what I think about myself. Light-bulb moment – to say the least.

So…(we’re getting closer to current times)…in 2011 and at the age of 37 I quit my companies and decided to figure out who Kim is, what Kim wanted and why Kim was living. I was bit lost. I didn’t know what it felt like to feel. I was cold, exhausted, tired and drained. I spend a year reading, researching and really questioning what life is, why we’re here and what my purpose was and is.

I found a counselor, took some courses, wrote in a journal, blogged about life, started meditating, did yoga, made new friends and learned what it was to be a mom. Sienna, my daughter, was born in 2010 and I’m sure she was a catalyst to my mid-life transformation (nope – not going to call it a crisis!). I also met with a good friend, Gary, bi-monthly to discuss life.

Kimberly Ann BrownAnd then I found the answer to life, our purpose and how to become more and more fulfilled

Through my efforts, I discovered a whole new world and a whole new life. I’ve always been a seeker of truth (or finding the meaning of life) but I’m not anymore. I finally found the answer to why I’m here and why you’re here. I discover how life really works…and it’s amazing. Yes – life is amazing, but you need to understand how it works for it to be amazing.

This website and my book started off as a tiny idea that Gary and I discussed over coffee in a garden center. The idea grew and grew and grew. Eventually and through several iterations a book was created. I wrote, ‘How Life Really Works: The Answer to Finding your Purpose & Personal Fulfillment,’ to explain how reality really works. The core message is that life doesn’t happen to you…you create the life you have. And since you create your life…then you can change it…and then keep changing it to create more and more fulfillment.

In other words, when you read that ‘the power is within you,’ or ‘you have all the answers,’ those statements are true.

I must say that those sayings are infuriating, however, when you don’t know what is meant by them! Read my book, trawl through the articles on the website and connect with me through email (email me at:, twitter (Follow EnjoyJourneyYes), facebook and I’ll share with you the answers I’ve discovered. They might be just the thing you need.

The Vision

In a nutshell, my vision is to help willing people to understand how life really works and once they do, I want to show them how they can improve their life and make it more and more fulfilling forever. And then once there’s a community of people that all ‘get it’ we can all help each other figure out what makes life even more fulfilling. Wooooo woooo!

And if you’re interested….

I have other websites too…

My Other Websites

Aside from ‘How Life Really Works,’ I have a massive passion for business. I enjoy helping others to start-up, grow and exit their business. Furthermore, I’m a big fan of checklists. If you have nothing else to do today, check out my other websites here:

CheckListables: Do you love checklists too? If you do, this website needs to be on your bookmark list. Each week we’re adding more and more quality checklists. Whether you need a checklist, want to rate a checklist or are eager to create and share a checklist, CheckListables is a website to visit!

Sell Your Business: This will help anyone that currently owns a business to prepare for selling. The website offers weekly articles, templates, packs and a great book written by my business partner, Joanna Miller. The book is entitled, ‘How To Sell A Business’.

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