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How to truly live an abundant life – instructions included ;)

How to truly live an abundant life – instructions included ;)

(Before I start taking about an abundant life, I just want to thank you for reading this. If you have any thoughts or comments, please leave them below or email me at: – I don’t have all the answers nor am I some sort of guru. I’m just a normal person trying to find out how to live the most fulfilling life possible, so if you’d like to help me, and everyone else that reads this, on our quest please do so!)

My beliefs/thoughts create my reality

I create my life from my beliefs/thoughts so what beliefs/thoughts do I need to create the most amazingly abundant life?

None. I don’t need a blueprint or film to follow. I don’t need a set of beliefs/thoughts to make me fulfilled. In fact, I need to shed all beliefs/thoughts. Wow – I finally understand what non-attachment is all about.

Let me explain.

Yes, like I go into detail in my book (How Life Really Works), I can look at the beliefs/thoughts I have now and choose to change them – I can choose to make them empowering. For example, if I discover I have a belief that “I’m not good enough,” I will definitely benefit from choosing to change it to “I am good enough.”

Being able to find disempowering thoughts is a massive key towards freedom and fulfillment, but it’s not the full answer. It’s a way to kick-start the full process of enlightenment. It’s a way to become more conscious but not completely fulfilled. It’s not the ultimate objective.

So if finding our disempowering thoughts and changing them isn’t the full answer to living an abundant life, what is?

We need to realize that any belief is limiting or may become limiting eventually, therefore, the ultimate objective is to live life without set beliefs/thoughts and their subsequent effects.

What I’m suggesting is a change in how we operate. A change in how we live life. A change in everything we’ve ever been taught. What does this change look like?

Well…instead of using our minds to plan, organize or take any sort of action we instead feel our mind/body/soul and let the next action be directed from our soul. Once we know the action to take, we’ll then use our brain to make it happen. (Typically, we use our past issues, future fears and a variety of other factors to dictate how we live our lives).

Rather than think our way to a future, we need to feel/sense our way to that future. And the whole feeling/sensing part will help you differentiate between a mediocre life and one that is full of flow, energy and exuberance. Feeling/sensing will take you away from your baggage and provide you with a way to live that comes from outside any rules, thoughts, beliefs, etc.

The difference between living the way you normally do and living with feeling/senses

When you get up, go through your normal routine of life and do what you’ve always done, pay attention to how you feel. For me, I get up, go to the coffee shop, read/write, go home and start my day’s work sitting at my computer. When I take the time to see how I feel, often I feel blah, but at least I’m doing something productive. Sometimes I get frustrated or annoyed, but I keep plugging on.

Contrast that with, getting up, feeling/sensing your soul/heart, letting your souls light shine out and then, based on your souls messages, you then take action. When you do this, life changes completely. Everything changes. Perhaps this is what it means to live by your heart rather than your head. And the whole non-attachment thing… you wake up every day as a blank slate and rather than living through routine or the past, you live afresh each day. You contact your soul, wait for inspiration and then flow with it.

There are no rules, no set thoughts – no past to dictate your future. Your life flow comes from outside the human experience you’ve thus far experienced.

The whole concept is that you get direction from your heart/soul FIRST and then follow it up. Instead of sitting down and doing what you’ve always done, you get direction from a source outside your mind. Something that is bigger and more knowing about what will truly make your heart sing.

Over the past month I’ve truly started to live from my heart/soul – some examples…

I’ve noticed that I’ve been doing things that don’t make me feel fulfilled. I’m doing them because ‘I should,’ or ‘I have to do them.’ For example, I have quite a few websites. One of them is business based and I don’t really feel a connection with the subject matter. Furthermore, I don’t like the type of people the industry attracts. Whenever I work on it, I feel annoyed, frustrated and stuck. I sometimes feel hopeless but say to myself, ‘Kim – you need to do things you don’t like. It’s a fact of life. Not everything can be fun and enjoyable.’ (Those are a bunch of beliefs I need to change, but that’s besides the point).

When I contrast that with another website – I feel totally different. I love my website full of checklists. I enjoy creating checklists…I enjoy others sharing them. For some reason I feel empowered when I’m playing with this website. Working on it doesn’t feel like work – it’s fun. Working on my business website feels like my old life – when I had to do things I didn’t like because that’s what you have to do to be successful.

I spent 8 years forcing myself to become ‘successful’ but forcing didn’t work

Yes, I made my millions but no I wasn’t happy during the journey nor was I happy with the end result. I believed that I had to force myself to be outgoing, intelligent, results-driven, tough, tenacious and on and on. I spend 8 years forcing myself to be something I wasn’t… Shedding all those beliefs about what I should be doing has been a difficult thing for me to do. I actually equated pain with success – you have to take the rough with the smooth. Boy – was I wrong!

The difference between forcing and flowing

For this past year I’ve been going between forcing myself to do what’s necessary to succeed and just going with the flow. The contrast is amazing. It’s so weird because I know that I need to follow my heart…but until recently I didn’t know how to do it. Well – I probably knew how to do it, but my brain kept saying, ‘Come on Kim – you need to produce. You need to make money. You need to prove that you can succeed better this time.’ Yet there were other times where I didn’t want to do XYZ, so instead I did what my heart said. Every time I followed my heart, I felt good doing it and had amazing results.

Incredibly, the less I did, the more I seemed to produce

Working more isn’t the solution. Working more won’t get more results. Your success in life has nothing to do with taking action or working hard. It has everything to do with feeling/sensing your soul/heart and then taking action. If you’re doing things you don’t like, you’re on the wrong road. Life is not going to work for you.

So, with all this knowledge/wisdom how do you go about creating the most abundant life?

And while I’m on a roll, there’s another thing I want to mention. As you probably already gather, I’m a results-driven person. I see what I want and then I go get it. That being said, this past year I’ve questioned the ability for all of us to create an ideal life. I’ve been asking myself, ‘what thoughts/beliefs do we need to get the most ideal results in our lives?’

The answer to achieving the ideal, most flowing and abundant life, eluded me until today.

As usual, I had a BAM moment and I suddenly realized that it’s counterproductive for me to use my brain to decide what ideal is or is not. It won’t work. I can’t create a blueprint for the ideal life and then fill in the blanks for the beliefs/thoughts I need… I can’t do it for me and I certainly can’t do it for you.

To achieve an ideal life this is what we need to do…

We need to use both our hearts and our minds, but let our hearts take the lead. For most of us, we don’t know how to make that happen (yet) – I surely didn’t! I was all in my head. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a very lovely person but my heart wasn’t the one leading the show.

Living from the heart is feeling and intuitive based. Rather than set off to accomplish as task you first feel your heart/body and sit in silence for a while. Eventually an insight, idea or image appears and you get an inkling of what to do next…then it grows and grows and eventually (could be within seconds) you know what action to take that will lead to your idea life. It might be to call someone or to look up a book. It could be anything.

Listen to those niggles

You might have a niggle that keeps gnawing it you and you keep pushing it aside. For years I wanted to take an art class. I felt as if I wanted to express my creativity. And for years, my head said…’Kim – there’s no return on investment for creating art!’ (How terrible is that?!). I wouldn’t allow myself the freedom and joy to play with paints! Thankfully, I finally listened to my niggle and have craft days with my daughter all the time. I get lost in my little creations and feel my heart smiling.

When my heart smiles, my world starts to flow and smile back at me!

Living from the heart rather than just the head

So – how do you do it? How do you find this ideal way to live life? Well – I’m sure there are loads of books out there that will tell it better than I can, but from my experience the number one key thing to do is to get to know yourself. We all need to become conscious about what we’re thinking and how we’re feeling…Many of us have turned ourselves off and run on automatic pilot. If this is you, you might not even know you do it. I sure as heck didn’t. I didn’t realize that I was a stranger to myself!!

Try this: For five minutes every day just look at your thoughts. Watch them in your head and write as many down as you can. Thoughts flow through all day long and you’re so used to them you won’t notice them unless you tell yourself to do so. The other thing to do is to read my book – it will tell you how your thoughts/beliefs create the life your living. Once you see the cause and effect connection to how life really works, you then gain your power to live any life you choose to live. From there, you can then start to feel your heart/soul and the barriers all come down while the flow increases.

I’ll stop writing now. Hehehe. Big love and smiles to you!

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