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Going from being stuck to living the adventure of a life-time

Last year my life was good but it wasn’t great I didn’t like where I lived. My diet was terrible but improving. I didn’t spend quality time with my family and I felt bored with life. I also felt a lack of connection with life – with people and with nature itself. Now…I’m 6 months into an around the world sailing adventure on my own 56’ yacht Now my life is amazing and getting better all the time. I love my ...

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Examining the meaning of taking responsibility for your life – what does that mean?

While contemplating life this morning, it dawned on me that concept of  'taking responsibility for your life' is most often used in a negative context. Looking back on my childhood, I remember my mom yelling, ‘Who is responsible for this mess?’ or spouting out clichés like, ‘you made your bed, now you need to lay in it.’ The whole area around responsibility has been about accepting that we did something wro ...

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If only I won the lottery, my life would be better

Recently, I've been on an interesting journey. In October my husband and I decided to sell everything we own, buy a 56' yacht and put things in place to sail around the world starting in April 2014. What's that have to do with 'If only I won the lottery, my life would be better'? Read on... Thus far, we've sold our house and have moved into temporary accommodation. We've purchased the 56' yacht. We've taken ...

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Self-help books don’t work and this is why

Self-help books don't work! Do you read one self-help book after another thinking, 'this will be the one that really helps me!' Or while you're reading, you feel good but know that once the book is over you'll need to find another book to pump yourself full of positivity? I'm a self confessed ex-self-help junkie! While reading one self-help book I needed to have another one lined up. If I ever finished one ...

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Life purpose – finding it really has nothing to do with serving people

There are loads of guru's, old and new, that say the answer to finding one's life purpose is to serve others. Serve others? What does that even mean? From a noble persperspective, perhaps this directive is all about literally working to save people and/or the planet? Perhaps 'serving others,' means that we should apply for a job at the UN or Greenpeace or join a Big Brother/Big Sister program? Maybe it mean ...

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When I grow up I want to be happy. How many children know they can pursue that quest?

When you were a kid did you say, 'When I grow up I want to be happy?' Or did you say, 'when I grow up I want to be a doctor and make lots of money'? When you went to school did the school system teach you about being happy or did they teach you about getting a job? In March, hubby and I are setting sail from Gibraltar for our epic trip around the world. We're not sure how long it will take us and we're not ...

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How do you teach a child to overcome rejection at the playground?

Yesterday I took my 3 ½ year old daughter, Sienna, to a soft play gym. We recently moved house so the play gym and all the other children were new to us. Upon arrival my daughter, husband and I found a table. I then took Sienna's hand and headed out for our first exploration. Within fifteen minutes we traversed both jungle gym structures and located the important areas like the bathrooms and food counter. W ...

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My thoughts on avoiding negative influences – especially negative people!

I've met my opposite. I've met Anti-Kim. Anti-Kim is the most negative influence I have in my life. So let's discuss avoiding negative influences today. Here are the characteristics of Anti-Kim. He (yes, it's a he): Health. Takes no responsibility for his physcial health. If there's something wrong with him (aches, pains, being overweight, artritus, bad ears, gout, angina, high blood pressure, low blood pre ...

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Is the Christmas Spirit eluding you? Here’s how to find, feel and enjoy it!

Within the next few weeks I'm selling one house, moving into an apartment and buying a sailboat to sail around the world in - leaving England in March. Not much going on in my life - eh? Amongst the boxes, paperwork, cleaning supplies and complete upheaval of our household, you'll find a family of stressed, scared and excited individuals. We're all walking around with our heads in the clouds. Just last nigh ...

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Spiritual people tell me they ‘get it’ but they don’t (me included sometimes)!

Many people that have read a lot of self-help and spiritual books tell me that they understand the principles of the law of attraction, the law of abundance and so forth. Spiritual people explain that they fully understand that our thoughts create things and even some explain how it happens. I just don't understand why __________ They then turn around and say, 'but I just don't understand why ________' I ca ...

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