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Life Changing Exercise – Change Your Film Meditation Script

As offered in my book, 'How Life Really Works: The Answer to Finding Your Purpose & Personal Fulfillment,' here is the meditation script that goes with the 'Life Changing Exercise - Change Your Film' Workbook. For this meditation to work you'll need to: 1. read the book and 2. record this script or listen to the one I recorded for you. To get the audio file, simply enter your details in the below form - ...

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How To Train Yourself To Get The Best Possible Outcome

Think about your day to day life for a moment. Reflect on your morning routine - whether you wake, lay in bed and then slowly get dressed or wake late, rush to get ready and run out the door. Then think about your work. What routine do you have once you arrive? A bit of chit-chat, a review of your emails and then a process of ticking things off your to-do list? Or is it some sort of organised chaos where ev ...

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What Do I Really Want? Can you answer that question?

Conceptually many of us realize that we get what we focus on. We realize that thought/beliefs come first and then those thoughts/beliefs manifest into some sort of physical reality. So when it comes to the question of 'how do I know what I really want' we can look at our life results and determine what's working and what's not working. What do I really want? That questions is often so difficult. It's easy t ...

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Use Dreams To Make Our Waking Life More Fulfilling?

Make our waking life more fulfilling - is it possible through the use of dreams? Throughout my many years of reading, analyzing and asking the question, 'why are we here' I rarely come across information about dreams. Perhaps it's just not something that I ever took serious? But when I reflect that we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed I find it laughable. And if I didn't laugh, I'd feel like crying. How can we ...

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Frustration Relieving Techniques

Frustrations come in all forms – large and small. At one point in my life I was frustrated with life in general. Fortunately, I’m a much more relaxed and peaceful person. However, my peacefulness often gets pushed to the side when I participate in non-routine based things. For example, at the end of the year my husband and I decided to do an online course. When we first spoke of the idea I felt somewhat unc ...

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How To Avoid Negative Imagery When Visualizing Future Goals

Avoid Negative Imagery Have you ever tried visualization techniques where you imagine something that you really want but your mind brings up images that are not supportive? Perhaps you're imagining a nice calm meadow and then suddenly the heavens open and it pours on your peace. Or maybe you're picturing the new home you want only to see a giant with big feet smash the image to pieces? Here’s one of my exam ...

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How To Use Past Successes To Create New Successes

An Exercise To Speed Up Your New Successes What about new successes? So often we gain an insight, feel enlightened and get a sense that we understand the truth about how reality works. We conceptually agree that, yes, our beliefs create our thoughts and our thoughts create our actions and our physical reality is the effect of the before mentioned processes. In other words, in theory we can grasp that your t ...

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