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Is the Christmas Spirit eluding you? Here’s how to find, feel and enjoy it!

Is the Christmas Spirit eluding you? Here’s how to find, feel and enjoy it!

Within the next few weeks I’m selling one house, moving into an apartment and buying a sailboat to sail around the world in – leaving England in March.

Not much going on in my life – eh?

Amongst the boxes, paperwork, cleaning supplies and complete upheaval of our household, you’ll find a family of stressed, scared and excited individuals. We’re all walking around with our heads in the clouds. Just last night, hubby took our dinner plates up into our bedroom to be cleaned rather than the kitchen. And twice last week he walked out of the house without shutting the door! Neighbours have walked by seeing our house wide open. You can blame us for global warming – we’re heating the world.

All this activity and Christmas is right around the corner!

Because of our life-changing plans I’ve found it increasingly difficult to get in the Christmas spirit. In fact, until I did the exercise described below, I could have easily said that I lost the whole meaning of Christmas…

Panic has set in…

When I first think of Christmas a slight panic overtakes me and and start to brainstorm thoughtful gifts for family and friends. Trying to be thoughtful is hard work! Even if you try your best you still never know if your gift makes a good impression or gets put in the ‘re-gift’ pile.

And buying for the children of friends and family is even more frustrating. What if they have the gift you intend to buy already? What if it’s too young or old for them? What if they don’t like Care Bears anymore?

My internal visualisations of kids opening 100’s of presents on Christmas Day also increases anxiety. How can a child value gifts now days when they receive so many and open them as if they were a Tasmanian devil? Is giving a gift to a child just a necessary action we take but there’s no meaning behind it?

And all the money wasted!

Mixed in with the self-inflicted present buying pressure is the money end of things. Nothing is worse than spending good money with the intention of showing your love to ultimately just buy a bunch of junk or something not wanted. I’ve worked hard for my money and I don’t want it to go wasted!

Ultimately, I want to show my love and appreciation for my friends, family and children in my life but I believe my time and money are potentially wasted.

Where’s the Christmas Spirit in all that rambling? (Look at where my focus is)

But usually after my initial panic the Spirit of Christmas starts to seep in. The xmas tunes in all the shops gets turned on, the lights add colour to the early nighttime darkness, and I enjoy a festive drinks with friends.

The music, lights and friends then cause me to recollect past Christmas memories. The memories cause a BAM moment. That’s what it is. I’ve figured out what helps me to get my Christmas Spirit – it’s the memories of past holidays being brought to the forefront of my mind.

Turn the spirit on and the worries off

Bringing up past Christmas memories helps turn the spirit on and turn the incessant (and rather silly) worrying off. Christmas is not about present buying and by focusing on that small aspect the overall important sprit is lost.

Reflecting back to past Christmas’s, memories come flooding into my mind: I vividly remember drinking mulled wine outside a pub in London, eating roasted chestnuts and watching street performers entertain passers by. I see our family join others to sing carols in the road running back home to check out the Santa Radar.

I remember waking up with my brother and running down to see if Santa came to our house. I see faces of friends and family – all with smiles on their faces. The cosy home, happy friends, game playing, amazing food and flow of love. I can see the pork roast with Grandmas special gravy and mom mashing the potatoes. And I remember me and my brother pushing the bottom of the chocolates in to see if they were yummy carmel or yucky strawberry cream – if they were strawberry, we put them back in the dish.


This year my memories have helped me to realise that the Christmas Spirit is like anything else – what ever you focus on, you get. If you focus on the stress of present buying, the commercialism of the times and pressure of getting too much done in too little time you just won’t feel the spirit. That doesn’t mean that the spirits not there…it’s just that you’re not letting it in (yet).

If you’re finding it difficult to feel the Christmas Spirit this year, allow your memories to give you a jump-start – give this exercise a go:

  1. Find some Christmas music and put it on (On the Internet you can find xmas music all year round so there’s no excuse). And I know you might not feel up to it or in the mood but that’s the whole point of this exercise! Or – drive yourself over to a coffee shop – you’ll get the music and hopefully some Christmas decorations too!
  2. Forget about everything else in your life and just spend 5 minutes writing down all the good memories you have about past Christmas’s. Don’t spiral and think of anything other than good memories. If you do, bring yourself back on track. You have loads of good memories…you might just have to work hard to remember them at first. (Some more of my examples: The time I pretended to give Hubby a really terrible gift only to hide his real gift in the garage – the delight on his face was amazing when he saw his real gift. The party we had on 80 Charlton where loads of people came over to enjoy the huge xmas tree that my mom chopped down from the woods. Seeing my daughter scream in joy when she saw Santa’s Grotto for the first time – oh, and Grandad getting lost in the grotto and the elves finding him in the utility closet…)
  3. After all the memories come flooding in, hold that essence that’s buzzing around your body and realise that you’ve conjured up the Christmas Spirit by simply using your mind. How does it feel????? By doing this exercise, you’ll kick start your focusing mechanism to now tune into the greatness of Christmas pasts so to create this Christmas present. (And it truly is a present to have and hold the Christmas Spirit!)

Life can so easily get in the way, but it is us that allows that to happen. And we can take back control anytime we want to. We can take 5 minutes, re-orientate our mind/body and then move on from a different feeling point.

What you focus on you get!

What you focus on you get, so for an enjoyable love-filled Christmas, use your past memories to create the energy you want to attract. Once you’re energy is full of Christmas Spirit this Christmas Season will increase in fulfilment.

Since doing this small exercise a few days ago, I’ve started buying Christmas presents and have been almost giddy about it. I have his inner excitement and happiness that’s a 180 from how I felt previously. I’m no longer worried about any of it – I’m having fun enjoying the present buying process in addition to soaking up the Christmas carols, smiles on children’s faces and overall spirit of this amazing holiday.

The important thing to realize is that I didn’t force anything to change – I just took the time to get my mind/body to feel what I wanted to feel (with the help of my memories) and then my reality fell in line with the new perspective.

Anyway – I hope this helps. Happy holidays and big love!

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