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Consciously creating your life – here’s how you can get started on living the life of your dreams

Consciously creating your life – here’s how you can get started on living the life of your dreams

Consciously Creating Your Life

Through out my blog posts and my book, ‘How Life Really Works,’ I offer many examples on how to spot disempowering beliefs and I also offer suggestions on how to change them.

The first step is to decide that there’s an element of your life that you don’t like. You then can work backwards and figure out what belief is driving that outcome. Once the belief is found, you can swap it for a more empowering life and BAM you’re reality changes.

Ever feel undervalued at work?

For example, a while back there was a work/career aspect of my life that was quite depressing. I always felt undervalued. I’d work harder than anyone else yet I didn’t feel like anyone recognised my efforts.

Working backwards, I discovered that I had a belief that I was not valuable and unlovable. Regardless of where this belief came from, it was there. With this belief operating no amount of hard work was going to get my boss to see value in me. Even if he/she did, I wouldn’t notice it. Being valued wasn’t a part of my reality. My belief system wouldn’t let it in.

How can you get rid of feeling and being treated in an undervalued way?

I spent some time analysing/contemplating my belief and then swapped it out for, ‘I am valued at work. I am loveable. I am rewarded and recognized for all that I do.’ At the time I didn’t have my Life Changing Exercise to use, so I used meditation/hypnosis, contemplation and positive affirmations to push that crapy belief out of my mind/body and install the more empowering belief.

Once I did, I was praised at work in addition to getting promotions and better and better positions. I’ve done this countless times – in the past I wrote about my phobia of finding a parking spot. After doing my exercise, my phobia was gone forever. Yes – it can happen quickly.

Change your beliefs and your reality then must change to reflect them

But quite a bit of what I write about is reactive rather than proactive. Today I thought I’d shed some light on the concept of consciously creating your life.

What does it mean to consciously create your life?

Hmmmmm. I wonder if I’ll be able to describe this adequately. It’s funny – I sit down to write and I never know what’s actually going to come out.

Right – consciously creating your life goes like this:

  1. Decide that you want something in your life (lifestyle change, more adventure, romantic partner, change of job, etc.)
  2. Figure out the beliefs you need, so to get what you want
  3. Install the beliefs and swap out any that might negate your new decision

Usually I talk about finding what’s going bad in your life and then working backwards to change it. Once you do that for a while, life seems to plateau (at least it did for me). Life seems to become good but perhaps boring? All the crap is weeded out – or perhaps most of the crap is weeded out. You let go of most emotional baggage issues. Once this happens, it’s really time to have fun.

My recent lifestyle change – as an example

After doing some serious amounts of work on my belief system I eventually got to a point where I felt balanced. I then decided that I wanted to finally make some massive changes in my lifestyle.

I wanted on-going adventures, good nutritious home-cooked food, fun time with hubby and my daughter, and an escape from consumerism – I was so tired of all the ‘stuff’ we kept buying. At first I thought – ‘Oh-my-God, I’m turning into a hippie,’ but it felt right. I wanted to consciously create a totally different life. I didn’t want to have the same routine, doing the same unhealthy things, living the same way for the rest of my life. I wanted adventure, I wanted health and I wanted happiness for the whole family.

What beliefs are needed to drastically change your lifestyle?

Well, one that goes through my head even now is that ‘I create my reality’. I say it over and over and over. And since I create my reality, what do I want to happen. I kept believing that I deserve adventure, I deserve good food and being super healthy, I deserve loving family time, I deserve increasing fulfilment. (As a side note – everyone deserves whatever it is that they want – I’m not putting myself on a pedestal saying I’m better and deserve more. Whatever you feel you deserve, you get. Hey – that’s a belief!)

While consciously searching out my new lifestyle we put our house up for sale to start the process. I felt that we needed to move to jump-start our new adventure. This didn’t work out well as our house sale kept failing to complete. Due to frustration, I decided to say screw it, let’s buy a boat and sail around the world.

The decision that set conscious creation in motion

Once that decision to sell up and sail was made, my conscious creation started to unfold in ways that I never dreamed would happen. I ensured that I had a belief that it was possible for normal people to sell up and sail around the world. I kept thinking, ‘yes – we can do this.’ (And YES – I had serious doubts, but I kept reinforcing the new beliefs)

To my delight, not only am I going to sail around the world but I was miraculously able to secure the boat of my dreams. My belief originally was that ‘I’ll never be able to afford that boat,’ OR ‘I’ll have to start another company and do work I don’t want to do for years before I can afford that boat.’ Once I opened my belief to it being possible, we were told about a great opportunity – we seriously got the deal of the century on the boat we’re buying. We are getting our dream boat.

Upon making the decision to sell up and sail, I instantly felt compelled to see a nutritionist for the whole family. I thought that I’m not going to let our health get in the way of this new adventure. I was horrified to discover how unhealthy we all were and since my meeting with the nutritionist, we’ve easily made drastic changes to our diets – all for the better. The key word is ‘easily’

If you get your beliefs lined up to what you want, lifestyle changes become easier

I’ve never felt better in my life. My energy levels are balanced, I can stay awake past 7pm and I feel great. I’ve got the whole family doing the Paleo Diet – it’s not to lose weight. It’s a diet that goes back to eating unprocessed foods. You eat meat, fish, veggies and a bit of grain. Nothing is refined or processed. Hubby lost 10lbs in a month and grand-dad lost 14lbs (and they needed to lose weight)! We all feel amazing and the changes were not hard to make at all. It’s as if it was planned…it was easy.

None of us are eating any less or feeling like we are being forced to change. Furthermore, when we’re sailing around the world, we will not have the luxury (or budget) to buy processed food. Part of my desire to get healthy also included my fear of having to actually cook real food for the first time in my life!

More magical moments with my family please!

As for loving family time I’m already extremely fortunate to spend loads of time with hubby and my daughter but I want more! And why not? I suppose I craved memorable time or magical moment time. All of us going to the movies, out to dinner or the zoo is nice but after doing it a few times, the ability to form memories is a wee bit harder. All meals seem to roll into one memory. Projecting onto the boat, I have this image of all of us cooking together, exploring new places, meeting new friends and living life to the fullest – the more I think about our sell up and sail plans the more natural it feels. (Let me say that at first it was the scariest thing I’ve ever thought of so the natural bit took a while to happen).

And throw in some more fulfilment too!

The final thing that I wanted as a part of my consciously created lifestyle change was ‘increasing fulfilment’. This bit has already started and I think I’m the most grateful person in the world for the life I am now living. The interesting thing about the word ‘fulfilment’ is that it’s not necessarily about happiness – it’s more about feeling like I’m living life to the full. And living life to the full can be very scary sometimes. Our lives are definitely not perfect nor are we avoiding problems. Every day something pops up that changes our course, but we deal with it and carry on. I suppose that fulfilment for me is feeling alive and boy do I feel alive.

Part of me wonders if I’m coming across as boasting or saying ‘hey look at how great my life is.’ I’m soooooo not trying to do that. I really want you to know that it is possible to consciously create your life. I’m doing it and so can you. I wasn’t born with money nor do I have a huge amount now – I’m actually spending my retirement fund to sell up and sail away so don’t think I have a money tree in my back garden.

If only I could get you to see a disempowering belief you have and get you to swap it…wait a few days…and then see the difference in your reality.

Anyway, happy thoughts to you and big love!

Kim Brown helps people to find their life’s purpose and exponentially increase their fulfillment.  To get started read Kim’s book, ‘How Life Really Works: The Answer to Finding your Purpose & Personal Fulfillment’

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  • germana

    Hi Lim,
    I discovered one of mine unconsciuos belief that is creating my life style
    I Think that working class people,people who had struggles in their life,people who had to work hard are better than people who had an easy and confortable life;that’s why my life has always bee full of struggles!!
    My father was a working class man,he lost his parents when he was six during the II world war,he lived with his uncle who beated him,so when he was 18 he left his uncle house and started working and studing very hard to get a degree.He was a very sensible and selfish man,he knew what sufference is.
    My mather always had a confortable life,she came from a rich family,she never had to work to get what she wanted;I remember her as a very shallow and egoist woman.Now I ask you what can I do to change this belief!!
    I really think it’s true that people who had struggles very often are better with people who had an easy life ,but I think that now I’m ready to live a confortable life


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