Finding success in life – is it eluding you because you think ‘I’m not smart enough’? Reviewed by Momizat on . Finding success in life We're so accustom to living life and thinking that it works in a particular way that we're blinded by how it really works. We just can't Finding success in life We're so accustom to living life and thinking that it works in a particular way that we're blinded by how it really works. We just can't Rating: 0
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Finding success in life – is it eluding you because you think ‘I’m not smart enough’?

Finding success in life – is it eluding you because you think ‘I’m not smart enough’?

Finding success in life

We’re so accustom to living life and thinking that it works in a particular way that we’re blinded by how it really works. We just can’t see that our thoughts (the internal) create our reality (the external). The process is so seamless and since we haven’t been taught to detect it, we believe the external is created by factors outside our remit. Finding success in life is all about understanding how life really works!

So many of us are in a prison cell surrounded by bars however our face is pressed up so close that we don’t see the actual bars. We’re looking out and seeing an expanse of possibilities yet our mind/body is held captive by the cell. All the while, we’re the captive and the captor. We hold the keys to open the cell door.

The ironic thing is that we can’t see how we imprison our-self, yet we easily see how others create their cells. Pick out anyone in a crowd and ask them ‘1. what does finding success in life mean to them and 2. why haven’t they found it yet?’ You’ll get a wide range of definitions for success (money, happiness, health, etc) yet the reason for failing to obtain it will fundamentally be the same at it’s core. Those that aren’t living a successful life believe, for one reason or another, that they can’t have it or don’t deserve it.

Hundreds of excuses pour out from the mouths of would-be successes.They sound like this:

  • I’m not smart enough
  • It’s too late – I’m too old now
  • I’m not good enough to succeed
  • There are others out there far better than me
  • I have to accept my lot in life and try and be happy with what I’ve got
  • The government, my boss, my partner, my kids, my parents… are to blame for my failure
  • I don’t have enough money
  • I’m okay – beggars can be choosers
  • Life is a struggle – you have to ‘get on with it,’ and ‘roll with the punches’
  • I take after my mother/father. I can’t help it – it’s in our genes to be depressed/flippant/bad tempered/etc

And the list goes on…

I wonder how you would answer my question?

  1. What does it mean to find success in life?
  2. Why have you not found it yet?

Every excuse listed against number two equates to a cell bar. And springing off those excuses are associated thoughts, beliefs, feelings,memories, visualizations and expectations. Those are all bars too. If you think your excuse is that you’re not ‘smart enough’ then you’ll hold that belief to be true about yourself in addition to thinking things like, ‘I’m stupid,’ ‘I can’t do anything right,’ ‘I’m useless,’ and so forth. You’ll have memories of being stupid – perhaps when you were in school a teacher said something like, ‘you’ll never amount to anything.’ You’ll also visualize or project ways that you’ll screw things up in addition to expecting to demonstrate your lack of knowledge.

This one excuse – ‘I’m not smart enough,’ builds momentum and gets stronger and stronger. Like a magnet your mind/body attract situations to make it true. Everything about you screams out, ‘I’m not smart enough,’ and therefore you are  not smart enough! It builds and builds and becomes a prison cell. A prison cell that you created but didn’t know it.

KEY POINT: You accepted the belief about yourself, at a point in the past, that ‘I’m not smart enough.’ You probably did this at a point in life where you didn’t know you had a choice about what to believe about yourself. However, now that you’re older and wiser you can decided to no longer accept that belief. You can instead decide to believe, ‘I AM smart enough.’

Once you realize that you choose your beliefs about yourself, you can either open the cell door and walk out or dismember your cell bars one by one and escape.

How? There are two main things to ask your mind/body to start paying attention to:

  1. Watch your excuses and subsequent thoughts, beliefs, feelings, visualizations, memories and expectations so you know they’re there.
  2. Consciously create a plan to remove the bars/open the cell door and follow the plan

Regarding the plan – it might include affirmations, meditation, hypnosis, journalling, doing my Life Changing Exercise – Change Your Film or hundreds of other ways to remove and install new beliefs about yourself.

In my experience some beliefs seem to shift very quickly whereas others take a bit more time to uncover and change. And I’ve never found one method that works every time. For me, I spend time watching my thoughts and when I see something come up (thought, memory, visual, feeling, expectation) that isn’t empowering I jot it down in my notebook.

Later when I have my ‘me-time’ I look at the thought or group of thoughts and decide what will work best to remove the cell bars. Sometimes I don’t do anything – just noticing the thought makes it go away (and change my reality). Other times, I find a hypnosis download that seems suitable. For example, if I see thoughts, visuals, memories, expectations that make me feel unclear or lost, I might listen to a meditation or hypnosis MP3 on clarity and or purpose.

Figuring out how life really works is one step…understanding how to live life knowing how life really works is another step. Thus far on my journey, I’ve noted two aspects that help change a belief about myself – those listed above: Watch your mind/body and consciously decide to do something to change anything that’s creating limits.

In a general sense it also helps to start watching your life from the perspective that your internal state is creating your external reality. Right now your mind/body is emitting a signal/vibration/energy and that signal is going from invisible to visible. It’s creating the events, situations and circumstances in your life.

By recognizing your excuses/bars and changing/removing them, you change your signal/vibration/energy and therefore cause a change in your reality.

Does it work? Of course it does. I wouldn’t be dedicating my life to writing about this stuff if it didn’t. And it makes sense. If your mind/body are sending out signals that hold ‘I’m not smart enough,’ that’s what the world is going to show you. If you change your signals, the world will show you something different. You can believe anything you want about yourself and other people. The current beliefs you have now were installed in you by your parents/friends/peers – everyone around you (that you like and get along with) is sending out similar signals.

The thing is this – if you’re life isn’t successful it’s your responsibility to change it. Change what you believe about yourself and your world will change accordingly.

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