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How Life Really Works: The Answer to Finding your Purpose & Personal Fulfillment

3D Cover HLRW By Kimberly Ann Brown‘How Life Really Works,’ will teach you that living a more fulfilling life is possible. This book is for people interested in taking responsibility for their life and increasing their fulfillment proactively.

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What is a more fulfilling life?

Some people think that more love is the answer whereas others are in search of more wealth. Some want to understand what it feels like to have peace in their lives and others yearn for excitement or adventure. There are people that want to look and feel slender and there are those that want to find a lasting partner or figure out how to make their current partnership last.

And many want to feel more fulfilled overall but have no idea how or what will make that happen

Does a part of you think that there must be a better way to live life but you just don’t know what that better way is? Perhaps you’ve looked for answers in religion, self-help, spiritual, psychological or scientific books? Maybe you’ve tried different relationships, a better job, a different exercise regime or a new home to create more fulfillment? It might be that you feel like you’ve made progress but your life still isn’t as fulfilling as you think it could be. Do you hear yourself thinking, “I’ve done XYZ and I should be happy, but I’m not…”

The reason I ask these questions is because that’s how I felt before I learned a massive misconception about how life (and reality) really works. Being born into a severely dysfunctional family I was taught that life was a struggle, yet somewhere within my mind a little voice kept saying, ‘there must be a better way to live!’ I want to share with you my discovery because it might be unlike anything you’ve ever come across before. Let me follow my current train of thought and cover our topic on what a fulfilling life is first…

Do you feel like you lived life the way you were taught to do so, but the results are a mixed bag?

As children we were taught that life progressed in a linear fashion…we had to go to school, get educated, find a job, find a partner, have children and hope for the best. We were educated in Math, Science, History and English. We went along with the program and ended up in the ‘real world’ searching for success at work, seeking out our perfect soul mate, and/or trying to maintain sanity as a new parent. We’ve gone in one direction and then another. We’ve done everything we were supposed to do to live life the best we could, yet some areas of life have gone okay and others are in the dumps, but ‘that’s life’ – right?


Life doesn’t have to be mixed bag – Life can be amazingly fulfilling in every area!

Imagine jumping out of bed every morning excited to live another day. Envision feeling enthusiastic about the world and the part you play in it. Visualize carrying out your day feeling healthy, beautiful, happy, energized and truly flowing with passion and desire. Picture your friends and family giving you supportive words, appreciation and love. Contemplate how it would feel to have a fantastic relationship, confidence in your abilities to thrive and talents that enable you to contribute to the world.

And how do you think it would feel if your life was fulfilling and you knew how to make it more and more fulfilling in perpetuity?

Unfortunately, however, no one ever taught you how to live a fulfilling life!

In fact, I assume that no one taught that it was even possible to reach a state of on-going fulfillment?!

And please don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about enlightenment or a permanent state of bliss – Boring. Living a fulfilling life is not about putting your feet up and retiring. It doesn’t mean that you’ll be happy all the time and you certainly won’t reach perfection – you’re not meant to! Fulfillment isn’t about avoiding failure or having everything go your way…

Living a fulfilling life is about living a life that is worth living – whatever that means to you. I’m sure you’ve done many things in your life that may have pushed you out of your comfort zone or challenged you, and yet the journey caused fulfillment. You felt alive!

My book may help you to understand that a more fulfilling life is possible (for you)

Your first hurdle – and an easy one to get over – is to realize that it’s possible to have a more fulfilling life. In fact it’s not only possible…it’s your right to have one. It’s possible for every area of your life to be quite extraordinary, but you need to logically understand how reality really works. In addition to logic, it will help you to connect with people similar to you now who have moved from a lack of fulfillment to more fulfillment. Social proof is such a strong motivator – if she can do it, so can I! And finally, my book may help you to apply your knowledge in a way that helps you learn the skills of living a more fulfilling life.

Enough about living a more fulfilling life – let’s move on…

How to live a more fulfilling life (in perpetuity)

The trick to living a more fulfilling life is to understand how life actually works. All along you’ve been led to believe that your world, or the people and events in your reality, create and influence how you feel, who you are, what you do and when you do it.

You’ve been led to believe that your world creates who you are

You’ve been led to believe that it’s your parents fault you didn’t get the best education, your siblings fault that you’re the ‘clumsy one,’ your partners fault that you never have time for yourself, your bosses fault that you’re so stressed, your annoying co-worker’s fault that you don’t get the appreciation you should get, the governments fault that you have very little money left at the end of the month and the bad drivers fault that you’re in a terrible mood when you get home.

Similarly, you’ve been led to believe that it’s your parents to praise for your sense of good values, your sibling rivalry that caused you to enjoy competition, your partners confidence boost that got you to experience a success, your ex-bosses recommendation that got you your new job, your kind co-worker that keeps you sane, and the nice grocery clerk who made you feel young by IDing you for alcohol.

You’ve been led to believe that the environment and the people around you have created who you are.

You’ve been led to believe that life happens and then you react to it.

That is not how your life works. You’ve been misled because those that have gone before us were also misled!

Your life doesn’t operate the way that you think it does!

In actual fact, you create your world in your mind first and then your mind creates your reality. And you do this through your beliefs. Your beliefs are the cause. And the result of everything in your life is the effect.

(At this point, you might feel a niggle in your mind that is saying, ‘what is this that I’m reading?’ I implore you to keep reading. Put in the 5 minutes it will take you to read through everything – give it a fair chance. You don’t want an enemy or one of your rivals to get the edge up on you – do you? (Yes – I’m using reverse psychology here). Further, I’m sure you don’t want to live a less than fulfilling life anymore! The information that I’m giving you is not a self-help technique – it’s a life changer.)

Your beliefs create your reality

Your beliefs are the cause of your life and your life is the effect of those beliefs – not the other way around.

All the beliefs that you’ve ever been given, or have accepted, have created the boundaries of your experience. Perhaps you’ve accepted the belief that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees,’ or ‘after you turn 30, you gain weight,’ or ‘it’s best to just accept your lot in life and get on with it,’ or ‘true love only happens in fairy tales’ or ‘if you go out in the cold you might catch a cold.’ These are just a random selection of some beliefs that many people hold as truths but they’re not necessarily true at all. The person thinking these things thinks the statements are true and therefore they are.

Whatever you believe, you are right

As a child you were filled up with your parents, or caregivers, beliefs and from then on you went on living as best as you could based on what you were filled up with.

If you’re parents had beliefs that led them to have wealth, success, meaningful relationships, health and wellness and overall fulfillment with life, then you’re most likely to have a life with all those attributes. If, however, the beliefs that your parents gave you were less than empowering, you’ll have a different kind of reality. One that is less than fulfilling.

If you change your beliefs you can change the results of your life

Rather than focusing on one belief changing method, another self-help seven steps to success or the latest findings in positive psychology, ‘How Life Really Works,’ facilitates a journey of learning that can lead to a life time of fulfilling expansion.

I’m not talking about using willpower, energy healing, or long term psychotherapy – I’m talking about getting you to shift your perception about how your life operates in relation to the reality you’re currently living.

‘How Life Really Works,’ will present a case to you that your beliefs create your reality and you’re in control of your beliefs

Your first hurdle is to realize that it’s possible to have a more fulfilling life. In fact it’s not only possible…it’s your right (and everyone else’s right) to have one.

Your second hurdle is to understand that your reality isn’t created the way that you think it is. Your reality, or life, happens as a result of the beliefs you hold. This isn’t an easy concept to grasp – unless you’ve intuitively known this all along. My book will hopefully help you grasp the concept through logical explanation, social proof and connection in addition to application. I’ll get you to try some simple exercises to demonstrate the power of your beliefs…and more importantly demonstrate that once you change a belief the world reorganizes itself to prove your new belief.

Breathe – that was a bit heavy…

Let’s take a breather here…go get yourself a nice cup of coffee or perhaps a stiff drink and then carry on…and don’t worry if you have to read something over and over again. The things I’m telling you go against everything you’ve ever been taught.

So far we’ve discussed that it’s not only possible to have a more fulfilling life, but it’s your right to do so. And just now we’ve very lightly touched on the concept that your beliefs create the results you have in your life.

So how is your reality created by your beliefs? I can’t really explain everything you need to know on a website. Go buy the book, ‘How Life Really Works,’ now. And while it’s downloading, get a drink and carry onto to get a bit deeper into the wonders of reality creation.

Really – Your Beliefs Do Create Your Reality!

The belief that the world was flat was once a belief that everyone accepted

When it was first announced that the world is round rather than flat most people carried on believing it was flat. Only after hearing the stories of explorers returning from abroad did people eventually buy into the new belief that the world is round. Yes – thinking that the world is flat was a belief held by all. And yes – once better information was available, one belief was dropped and another was accepted. We look back now and think, ‘what a bunch of moron’s to think the world was flat!’

The belief that ‘your beliefs create your reality’ is not new however only now is it being accepted

Fast-forward 100 years from now and people will look back at us and laugh. They’ll say:

“Those poor people that didn’t understand how reality is created and therefore lived lives of boredom, illness, lack and limitation. I can’t believe they went around blaming everyone and everything for their misery yet didn’t realize they were creating it! I’m so happy I live on Earth in the 2100’s…our perception of reality is correct! We know how creation works. We know how to express ourselves in ways that lead to more and more fulfillment!”

Once you ‘get it’ living life will take a new, more empowering, direction

As I mentioned, my book ‘How Life Really Works’, goes into far more detail than I can offer on a website, so please get the book now (if you haven’t done so already) to start grasping the educational element to how reality really works. For most people it takes a few days and even weeks to get their minds around concept that ‘your beliefs create your reality’. Once you ‘get it’ and apply it your life will never be the same. Instead of living a life that happens to you, you will be able to create your life.

Now it’s important to note that my book is not a self-help program, a healing modality or the latest research findings in quantum physics. The book was written to help you reorient your perception about how reality works. And once you do, I will help you apply the knowledge so that you can make it work for you. The information I’m giving you is more profound than it was when our ancestors learned the world was round.

Truly ‘getting it’ doesn’t happen easily

Getting your mind and body to truly believe that you’re creating your reality through your beliefs isn’t easy. Logically you may think that it makes sense and intuitively you may feel that there’s a massive truth in what I’m saying, however, it takes time to turn knowledge into wisdom. To start creating the reality that you want, it will take knowledge, social proof, new connections and application.

Don’t beat yourself up if your mind is spinning

Grasping this concept is a hard pill to swallow. I’m effectively telling you that everything in your life you have created. Everything. All the good and all the bad and everything in-between has been created by what I call your ‘films.’ Your films includes your beliefs and subsequent emotional feelings, body feelings, thoughts/self-talk/fears, memories, expectations and visuals (imagination). You believe in X and therefore you have certain films. With your X film you then interact with the world. If you change X to Y, your film will change and therefore cause your interactions with the world to change.

For example, some X to Y changes could be, changing ‘I’m unattractive’ to ‘I’m attractive’ or ‘I’m a smoker’ to ‘I’m a non-smoker’ or ‘I’m worthy of making $20k/year’ to ‘I’m worthy of making $100k/year.’ Beliefs are merely suggestions that you once accepted. You don’t have to keep them if they’re not working for you. Beliefs can be changed.

All the good and bad in your life has been created by your mind and body – you just didn’t know it

So… the reason you have materialized all the good in your life is because your film is empowering you to have it (Good job!). And it also means that all the bad in your life has been created by your film also (Bad job!). If you change a belief your film changes and this ultimately causes you to interact in the world as a different person and get different results.

Think back throughout your life to when you had a substantial positive change in your life. If you contemplate how the change came about you’ll discover that a belief shifted in your head. Perhaps someone helped to you realize that you are worthy of something or maybe you decided that you are talented enough to do a particular thing? Or maybe you had an illness that caused you to re-evaluate life causing a change in your beliefs?

My book goes into how this all works. It’s very logical – there’s very little mention of religion, psychology, science or spirituality. It simply explains how your mind and body really work.

Purchase, ‘How Life Really Works,’ now!

This information often has a bittersweet taste to it

On one hand, you may feel excited that you can now can take control. Heck, if you create all the good and bad in your life, you can now figure out how to change some beliefs to change some results. On the other hand, you may feel very cheated that you’ve lived life thinking everyone else was to blame for you disposition. Further – you may conceptually understand that you create your reality but don’t know how to effectively change it or don’t know what you want to change it to.

And of course you may also have numerous moments when you think – ‘this is all just a bunch of hogwash. Why am I wasting my time even entertaining this concept? It’s nuts.’

Well – I thought it was nuts too. In fact, I thought it just couldn’t be possible that we control our lives. I know that the ancient sages have always said the answers to everything are within, but I didn’t realize that we are the answer! I don’t think this new way to perceive reality is nuts anymore. It’s taken me quite a bit of time and practice, but I now survey my reality, decide what will make me more fulfilled and then I change my beliefs to get it. And my life is amazingly fulfilling (now). As I just mentioned, it wasn’t easy to get to this point, but I didn’t have ‘How Life Really Works’! You do.

So…let’s have a quick recap. You now understand that it’s your right to living a fulfilling life. You are also starting to play with the idea that your beliefs create your reality and you’re in charge of your beliefs. You also understand that I’m here to help you…So, where should you start? Carry on reading to get a little more background and then I’ll finish off with specific things that will allow you to start your journey to a more fulfilling life.

So what do you believe?

You’d think that you’d know what you believe and what you don’t, but it’s actually quite tricky to figure out what’s going on in your mind and body. Especially since no one taught you how to observe yourself. All your life you’ve been filled up with all sorts of beliefs and they’re such a part of you that you don’t even know they’re there nor do you realize how destructive some of them are.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could plug your brain in so that we could get a print out of every belief you have – both good and bad? Technology hasn’t advanced that far yet, however with practice there are several easy ways to determine the beliefs that are creating your current reality. I’ve created an exercise called ‘Live Changing Exercise – Change Your Film’ which will help you to become more observant of what’s really going on in your mind. (Read my book, ‘How Life Really Works,’ for a full explanation on how to use the exercise).

Finding the beliefs you have is one side of the coin, the other is learning how to change them

Once you find a belief that is disempowering, like ‘I can’t have my cake and eat it too,’ you’ll have to momentarily suspend your need to defend it and realize that it’s neither true or false. Your beliefs are things you chose to believe in. You can equally choose not to believe in it or to believe something more empowering.

If you have the belief that ‘I can’t have my cake and eat it too’ your mind/body will monitor how successful you are. Good things will happen, however your beliefs will make sure that you don’t get everything you want. If you change your belief to ‘I can have my cake and eat it too’ you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results!

What matters is whether your beliefs empower or disempower you to get what you want

If a belief disempowers you, you’ll need to change it so to change your physical reality. This is a drastically different approach to the way we live life now. If something causes us an issue we either ignore it, complain about it or try to take action in the outside world to force a change. (This is why willpower doesn’t last – if your beliefs are against you, no amount of physical action will change your life results).

My aim is to help you to become more conscious of what’s going on in your mind and body so that you can start to see the beliefs that are operating. And please don’t be fooled into thinking your mind is too complicated to look at! If you tell yourself that you want to start understanding what you believe and think about, your mind will help you out. By becoming more aware of what your mind and body are saying to you, you can take back control rather than live detached from who you really are.

You see – we’ve been disconnected from how our mind and body’s work. There has been a veil over us as we’ve been living life without the instruction manual. But atlas, many of us are waking up to understand our real potential. Yippie!

So…this is the plan, Stan:

  • Realize that it’s your right (and everyone else’s right) to live a more fulfilling life in perpetuity. We’re all playing on the same playground – we just came into being under different circumstances and environments
  • The way to live a more fulfilling life is to realize that your beliefs create your reality and you can change your beliefs
  • To change your beliefs you need to first understand what you actually believe
  • After finding a disempowering belief you then need to change it
  • Once a belief is changed, your reality will reflect the new belief

But how do you change a belief?

How to change a belief

Once you’ve found a disempowering belief, or set of beliefs, there are a multitude of ways to change it. In fact, simply recognizing a ‘bad’ belief could cause you to think, ‘I don’t want that belief,’ and instantly it’s gone. I know that sounds too simple to be true, but once you start paying attention to the stuff in your mind, you’ll be quite surprised with the negative things you find.

Education can also cause an instant belief change. At one point you believed in the Tooth Fairy but after being educated in the truth, in addition to having your friends back up your new knowledge, you surely changed your belief.

But how can we proactively change our reality? How can we survey our life, decide what we don’t like and then single out the belief or beliefs that caused the negative results?

The best answer I can give you, is to first understand how your mind and body actually work, and then test out a belief change technique to see if it works. If a particular technique doesn’t work, move onto another technique. Also, seek out people that had the same issue you have and find out what technique worked for them. There is no single solution. We’re all different and what works for some might not work for others.

And what kind of techniques am I talking about? To name a few, there’s Hypnosis, Meditation, Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique, Contemplation, Getting a Belief Buddy and many more.

So…that’s my offering in a nutshell (yes, it’s a big nutshell!) Within the website you’ll find education, social proof, community and ways to apply your new education (application).

To get started read my Book, ‘How Life Really Works’.

And if you have any questions or want to send me a note, please email me at:


Kim Brown
Author of ‘How Life Really Works’

Kim Brown







Well-constructed, thoughtfully written, How Life Really Works is a simple yet meaningful way to examine the choices we’ve made, and some we had no control over, that have shaped our view of life and thus our definition of happiness. This book can help many people overcome roadblocks they may have encountered in their life’s journey, and bring them to a realization that it’s never too late to mend a fence or offer a hand in forgiveness.

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