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How to stop holding onto your current reality and allow a new one to enter

How to stop holding onto your current reality and allow a new one to enter

I’ve been pondering this question for quite some time now and I keep finding a variety of good answers and great methods to effect change. The following isn’t really a method – it’s actually a new way to live life. See what you think…How to stop holding onto your current reality and allow a new one to enter:

A big of background about how we create our reality

We all act like tuning forks – radiating various vibrations that either repel or attract people, situations and events to us.

And like snowflakes, we’ll all vibrating differently. We’re full of different beliefs, memories, expectations, feelings, imaginings and thoughts. Clump everything you’ve ever experienced together and that will bring you to your current vibrational signature.

And that current vibrational signature is creating your current life. If you change your vibration, your reality changes.

From a visual perspective, I envision myself like a beacon. I’m at the centre of everything and my beacon radiates light in all directions. Sometimes the light is dim and short and other times it’s bright and far reaching.

When I’m feeling dull, confused or frustrated, the beacon seems small and lightly lit. When creativity, love or focus flow through me the beacon radiates with a beautiful flowing light.

When my light is dim or my vibration is shallow, I attract people that don’t smile, get bad service, attract headaches and drive right straight into a traffic jam. When my light is bright and flowing I pull in kind people, fantastic experiences and enjoy smooth sailing.

From a spiritual and scientific perspective, its known that our hearts send off electromagnetic energy. And it’s further known that our hearts are either congruent (flowing) or incongruent (not flowing – jagged energy). When our hearts are congruent, the vibrations we send off or light we emit attracts the good we want in our life. When our hearts are incongruent, the opposite is true. (Check out HeartMath to read the science behind this – it’s fascinating. Our hearts are actually brains too!)

So – with all this being stated, how can we change our reality?

And I mean how can we really change it? How can we change our reality, our vibration, our ability to emit a nice flowing light?

I’m not looking for a life that’s slightly better. I don’t want slightly better service, slightly better experiences or slightly better levels of fulfilment. I don’t want to go from a good relationship with my husband to a slightly better one…and I certainly don’t want to go from my 34′ sailboat to a 36′ sailboat (For the record, I want a 57′ sailboat). And I am done with enduring a journey to discover it wasn’t worth the destination.

I want to be able to recognise my vibration, see/feel my beacon and continuously get it to flow through to more and more fulfilment indefinitely. No more struggle, willpower and ‘I should do this…’ or ‘I need to do this.’ No more lack, blocks or dead ends. I want life to flow from one moment of fulfilment to the next.

(As a side note, I purposely haven’t said that I want be happy every second of the day. I want to be fulfilled – to me that doesn’t mean that everything is handed to me on a platter or life becomes dull. I want each day to flow – I want to enjoy what I do, with the people I do it with and to creatively express who I am more and more and more)

Back to flowing from one moment of fulfilment to the next…

But how?

One suggestion is to allow ourselves to ‘not know’ what’s coming next, just go with the flow and let our hearts/body help direct us. We certainly need to stop holding onto the current reality, vibration, beacon output. We then need to move out our left brain (thinking, analytical, worry, words) and drop into our heart and body and FEEL.

The more fulfilling life that we’re looking for won’t come from thinking, ruminating, speculating – all that happens when we think is that we regurgitate what we know…and what we know gave us the current vibration or the current reality.

We think that if we work harder, faster or use a new bit of technology we’ll get ahead, yet we never get ahead. We think that if we will the lottery, we’ll then be fulfilled, yet 95% of lottery winners end up worse off than before they won. We think that we have to force, push, and kick our way forward, but where does this struggle really get us? This kind of thinking, isn’t going to change our reality…No kind of thinking is actually going to change our reality.

Tell me – what do you think will change your reality? WRONG. That was a trick question. You had to think to answer it…Nothing you think will change your reality. Thinking isn’t the answer.

We need to instead watch our beacon radiate and then pull ourselves inside to FEEL what that vibration feels like – to feel our body/heart. By doing so we can feel ourselves and work on changing the vibration.

Feeling my heart and body was very foreign to me a few years ago, so if you don’t know what I’m taking about, don’t worry. If you’re caught up in being busy, having no free time and constantly playing catch-up, chances are you haven’t felt yourself for a very long time either.

Its not something we’re taught and often while growing up, we’re told, ‘It’s okay – don’t worry…brush it off’. From a young age we’re taught not to trust our feelings so many of us don’t even know how to actually feel what’s going on in our body.

Yes – we can feel emotions. We know when we’re angry or sad but the kind of feeling I’m talking about is more subtle. It’s the feeling of your heart/body. It’s always there and always has something to ‘say’ but unless you know about it, it goes undetected. It’s the niggle you ignore, the negative feeling you push to the side or the feeling of dread that you cover up with work and social activities.

To feel your body/heart/vibration pull your focus from the outside world in (perhaps by closing your eyes) and feel your heart – imagine you’re looking at it. Feel it in your body. Imagine or feel it beating. Imagine the electromagnetic energy coming off of it. Feel it. What do you notice? Do you feel anything? Do you feel something taking up space in your body? Do you see anything? (nothing you see or feel is wrong – whatever you notice is right).

Then survey your body and feel, feel, feel. Feel whatever you can. Be with your body – not your mind. Feel tightness in your shoulders? Feel heat or coldness? Feel flow or no flow. Just sit and feel how your heart/body feels. What stands out – what do you notice. Just notice it.

Your heart/body are vibrating. It’s create your current reality. Your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, expectations, imagination are all creating a vibration that is held and emitting from your body. Feel it.

What kind of energy are you radiating off of your body?

When you sit and feel yourself a very interesting thing happens. It causes you to become very present. When you simply feel your focusing on yourself right now in this very moment. You’re not working or thinking about the past or present. And because you’re focusing on you and your vibration it starts to move. Things start to shift – you can feel things change. You might notice shrugged shoulders and then they drop and relax. You might feel or sense an energy that seems to be filling you up. I often feel giddy or floaty.

Sometimes I imagine my heart radiating like the sun and I see it shining in every direction. When I do that I feel centred, powerful, and alive.

After spending a few minutes feeling, I sometimes get ideas that seem to come from nowhere. I get an urge to call someone, write something or take some sort of action. Sometimes it’s something I’ve been thinking of doing for a while, but have been putting it off. Other times it seems like quite an odd action, but I either do it there and then or write it down and do it later.

Perhaps this ability to touch base with ourselves and FEEL causes our brain to stop thinking for a bit and allow a new reality to come in? I truly believe all the answers we need are within – we’ve just lost touch with how to get them. We’ve become thinking machines. We’ve wrongly decided that it’s our brain that will help us to achieve our goals in life, whereas it’s not just our brain – it’s our heart/body and our mind.

This ability to FEEL and become very present has had a massive impact on how I live my life. I’m flowing so much more. Rather than thinking I have to do this or that, I centre myself and feel into the next action or activity.

Rather than force myself to have a productive day – in the past by ticking off everything on my checklist (a list that super woman couldn’t even do) – I feel my body, feel my vibration and sooner or later something comes up. I get an urge on what to do.

When I first started doing this I thought I’d just become lazy. I thought I’d sit and feel and then decide to do non-productive tasks. To my surprise, I’ve actually come up with some great money-making ideas and often become inspired to ‘work’. The great thing is that I’m now ‘working’ but my work is flowing. I’m getting more done in less time and enjoying every moment of it.

In the past I struggled through my day to pat myself on the back and say, ‘job well done Kim – you forced yourself to be productive yet again.’ Thankfully, I decided a bad journey isn’t worth the result of any kind of destination!

The best way to explain this new way to live is to have the ability to use your body and mind but let your heart take the lead. Does this make sense to you? What do you think?

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