How to prevent bad stuff from happening when life is going good Reviewed by Momizat on . So...our thoughts/beliefs create our 'vibration' or electromagnetic signature and that signature is broadcast out into the world and effectively creates our lif So...our thoughts/beliefs create our 'vibration' or electromagnetic signature and that signature is broadcast out into the world and effectively creates our lif Rating: 0
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How to prevent bad stuff from happening when life is going good

How to prevent bad stuff from happening when life is going good

So…our thoughts/beliefs create our ‘vibration’ or electromagnetic signature and that signature is broadcast out into the world and effectively creates our life – our reality. With practice we can become more conscious of our beliefs and thoughts and change them to change our life. What’s that have to do with ‘how to prevent bad stuff from happening when life is going good?’ Well…read on:

Using exercises and simply watching what we think, we can start to uncover beliefs that we no longer need. For example, for the longest time I held the belief that when things start going good for me, something  bad will soon happen. Either someone will die, I’ll lose my job or I’ll get into some sort of dilemma. I use to be excited and feel dread at the same time. I’d be happy things were going well, but I’d also have a niggle that life was about to through me a curve ball.

Ironically, my father just sent me an email saying that things are going great for him and yet he can’t help but wonder when something bad is going to happen. Well, well, well…perhaps that’s where I got my belief from?

The bad news is that having that kind of belief will disempower you. The good news is that you don’t have to keep a belief like that. I no longer believe it and it’s no longer true in my life. When things are going good for me, I know they’re going to get even better.

How to prevent bad stuff from happening when life is going good

  1. Look at it and formally accept that you believe ‘when things go good something is bad is bound to happen’.
  2. Remind yourself that a belief is neither true or false – you simply decided it was true at some point in the past. It doesn’t have to be true anymore.
  3. Decide that you no longer want to put any energy into the belief.
  4. Tell your mind/body what you now want to believe – perhaps something like, ‘My life gets better and better,’ or ‘the better my life gets, the better my life gets,’ or ‘My life is getting more and more fulfilling’
  5. Tell your mind/body to keep an eye out for that belief and if it comes up, you want to remind yourself you no longer believe it. (Side note: when you decide to buy a particular car, you suddenly notice them all over the place. Or when you’re pregnant, you notice all the pregnant women around that you never notice before. Your mind is so powerful – you tell it what to look out for all the time, but you don’t really know you’re doing it. This same principle applies to your beliefs. Tell your mind/body what you want and it will help you get it. Tell it that you want to believe that your life is getting better and better…and if anything gets in the way, like the disempowering belief, your mind/body will bring it to your attention so that you can so something about it).

There are loads of ways to uncover your disempowering beliefs and their are also numerous ways to remove or change them. The key concept to get to grips with is that you have been filled up with all sorts of beliefs throughout your life. Some are good (ex. I succeed at whatever I turn my hand to) and some are not-so-good (ex. I’ll never amount to anything).

All the beliefs you have create your reality right now. If you’re life isn’t as good as you want it to be there is NOTHING you can do in the external world to change your life. It’s an inside job. Change your unique vibration or signature you’re sending off and your reality will change. To change that vibration/signature you need to change your mind/body.

Once you know that this is ‘How Life Really Works,’ (read my book!) you can actually see and feel your internal state and the resulting physical effect. This is where all the positive thinking stuff comes from. If you feel positive in the inside you’ll have positive life results. The issue, however, with positive thinking is that people try to be or feel positive yet they’re actually pushing aside or cover up internal issues. You can’t push aside what’s inside you – you need to look at it and deal with it. But this line of thought is for another day.

Need proof? Test it out yourself!

For the next week watch your reality for events or situations that stand out from the norm and see if you can discover the internal cause for the external event.

Let me give you some examples I’ve noted with myself recently…

An Increase in Money

I received three requests from businesses to ask me to consult for them (external event). Earlier that day I decided that I needed some extra cash-flow so I focused on how it felt to have an abundance of money coming into my bank account. RESULT!

A Belief That I Can’t Have Fun And Work At The Same Time

I was in the front cabin of our boat with my daughter where we were doing dot to dot’s. I left her with the pen and said make sure you only write on the book – no where else. (Sienna is 3) She said ‘okay’. A while later she came up on deck and said, ‘I didn’t write on anything else.’ Inside I felt a tingle knowing that there was something wrong with her demeanour.

When I went into the cabin I discovered that she drew all over the sheets. She deliberately did something that I asked her not to do and then lied about it. So – in my external reality, I created a situation where my daughter did something out of the norm.

So what was happening in me (internally) to attract that reality? When I really search inside (and this isn’t easy) I notice that I often feel like I’m not suppose to be out sailing during the work week. I should be working! I feel as if I’m deliberately going against what I should be doing and then not telling anyone I’m doing it. (I often work on the boat so no one knows I’m not at home).

Wow…there’s a belief I just discovered about myself. I must believe that if I’m working I need to be in an office or at home. I must believe that it’s not right to going sailing (and enjoy myself) in addition to working. Interesting. I’m happy I’ve written this article as I’ve just uncovered a belief I have that I no longer want. Wooooo hoooo.

Hubby Wastes Time

Right – I have no idea where I’m going to end up with this situation, but here goes. Yesterday, I was working up in my home office. I went downstairs to grab some water and noticed that hubby was playing a game on the computer. I immediately became angered. What the heck?! I’m working my butt off and he’s just sitting around…and it’s not like there’s nothing to do. I threatened to create a list for him and then went back upstairs to sulk. A bit later while he was out he called to ask if I wanted some lunch. I said yes and put my order in.

Still being annoyed with him I sat down for lunch and discovered that he misunderstood my order and got me something I’d never consider eating. I asked or chicken/mayo salad (chicken, mayo, celery, etc) on a bed of salad. Instead he got me dry cubes of chicken with a huge scoop of mayo on top and salad beneath. I know this probably sounds strange, but I like mayo if it’s mixed in with stuff, but not on its own. OMG…it’s just a dollop of fat. And no – I couldn’t just mix it in. There was so much mayo on it that it was more like mayo with a bit of chicken and salad…

Okay – so externally, there are a few things there. Ahhhhhh…nope, there’s one thing there. I just heard it in my head. Here it is: Hubby can’t do anything right. Wow…that’s not a good believe at all. If I believe that, that’s what’s going to happen. Okay, I’m going to start reminding myself that ‘Hubby is helpful, productive, supportive and amazing.’ Wow…this exercise has been helpful to me!

Hopefully some of these examples are helpful for you too. Just take 5 minutes and write down an external event or situation that has upset you. Write it down and then look inside and listen for your thoughts, beliefs or feel your body. What’s going on. And please, please, please share your experiences below to allow others to get more examples. When we can see these concepts in action for others it’s easier for us to ‘get it’.

Learning how to change your perspective about how life really works doesn’t happen overnight. It’s learning a whole new way to live…but boy is life different when you know you’re in the drivers seat! And when I say different, I mean it in an amazingly great way.

Kim Brown helps people to find their life’s purpose and exponentially increase their fulfillment.  To get started read Kim’s book, ‘How Life Really Works: The Answer to Finding your Purpose & Personal Fulfillment’

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