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Life Changing Exercise – Change Your Film

This is the ground breaking, earth shattering, mind blowing, reality changing exercise that will massively change your life for the better.

Completing this exercise may help you to increase your income/wealth, improve your relationships, discover that you are worthy, improve your health or eliminate disease/illness and much more. This exercise may help you to achieve your dreams and then set you up to dream even larger dreams!

I’ve created this exercise to force you to start paying attention to your films (beliefs, thoughts, feelings, visualizations, expectations and memories)! It will enable you to objectively look at what you’re thinking and feeling. This will in turn allow you to see and feel what’s really going on in your mind/body. It’s often difficult to change what you don’t pay attention to so this exercise will get you to pay attention. Once you see what’s going on in your mind/body to create your current reality you can then make some changes. And once the changes start your conscious mind will open up to newer, updated and improved beliefs.

Either you look at your beliefs consciously and deal with them or ignore what’s going on and pay the price of having a reality that is less than fulfilling. 

The key is to start looking at what’s going on in your mind and body rather than let it run on automatic pilot.  To collect your free Life Changing Exercise – Change Your Film, please fill in the form below and I’ll email you a link that will direct you to a 9-page PDF document.

If you haven’t read the book, How Life Really Works: The Answer to Finding Your Purpose & Life Fulfillment you need to get that first to make sense of this exercise. If you have the book, get your workbook by filling out the following form:

Life Changing Exercise – Change Your Film

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