I charge business owners $2,000/day to tell the the magic formula to success. Here it is (for free): Reviewed by Momizat on . Learn the magic formula to success (value $2,000) in just a few minutes Since I left my career as being a business owner in 2011, I've consulted for a wide rang Learn the magic formula to success (value $2,000) in just a few minutes Since I left my career as being a business owner in 2011, I've consulted for a wide rang Rating: 0
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I charge business owners $2,000/day to tell the the magic formula to success. Here it is (for free):

I charge business owners $2,000/day to tell the the magic formula to success. Here it is (for free):

Learn the magic formula to success (value $2,000) in just a few minutes

Since I left my career as being a business owner in 2011, I’ve consulted for a wide range of medium sized businesses and have personally mentored several business owners. The consultancy/mentoring industry is a funny one – for the most part, consultants are often teaching business owners to be successful yet the consultant doing the teaching has never actually reached a success within the field their teaching.

Being taught by someone that hasn’t experienced the success you want doesn’t make sense!

That just doesn’t make sense to me, but you find that situation throughout a normal business education life. For example, business schools teach you how start and grow a business yet the teacher teaching (in most cases) has never done it themselves. And business covers a wide array of disciplines – finance, marketing, sales, operations, management, human resources and so on.

Marketing is a hysterical field

Try and find a marketing ‘expert’ that has successfully grown their own company. Agencies crack me up – they come into your offices telling you how to help your brand image, increase your recognition and all sorts of other crap. When it comes to success levels, chances are that the agency is financially worse off than you are – so where’s the sense in retaining them? If a marketing agency truly knew how to make money, they’d create their own company making their own money – not making money from attempting to tell others how to do it!

My point is this…

To prevent myself from waffling as this is only a small part of my article, my point is this…we have a lot of teachers/mentors/consultants out there that are teaching things that they themselves have never achieved or accomplished so how can you trust that they know the key ingredient to true success?

(Yes, you’re observant – there is actually only one key ingredient to business success)

But how do you find a mentor that knows the magic formula to lasting success?

Anyway – even if you do find a consultant/mentor that has reached the type of success you want to achieve (in a particular sector of your business) how do you know if they themselves know their own magic formula?

The reason I bring up this sub-point is because I was a consultant that 100% knew I had a magic formula for exponential business growth. Actually, it’s a blueprint. This blueprint I have – if you follow it precisely – will allow your company to experience an exponential growth like you’ve never seen before. It will allow you to turn the tap of cash on and let it flow in at any speed you want.

Do you want it? Do you want my magic blueprint?

The blueprint is great – it will tell you exactly how I created a system to generate an annual turnover of approximately $750,000,000/year. It shows how to set it up, what tools to use and several special ingredients to really get business flowing. And it’s a blueprint that works regardless of the technology – it’s a principle based blueprint – everything in the world can change, but the fundamentals stay the same.

The problem, however, is this…

I gave my blueprint to a variety of businesses and helped them get it up and running. It was a long process (in some cases more than a year) – for the most part, I spent my time challenging the beliefs of the business owner and NOT setting up the mechanics of the blueprint.

I found that the business owners I helped were so set in there ways – yes, they wanted to change and yes they were open to new ideas HOWEVER they had so many set beliefs and boundaries as to what was and wasn’t possible.

That’s not possible! That won’t work! Things don’t work that way!

The business owner would be happy to test one thing out and see how that went and that would then lead to an increase in confidence (and a change in belief)…and the cycle continued…very slowly.

I can’t handle slow. You either get on my bus or you don’t.

In the end consultancy started to drive me nuts. I started to realise that it wasn’t the fact that business A had a bad website or business B didn’t utilise their customer relationship management system correctly. Even when I installed my blueprint the success of it was tempered with the business owners beliefs. If I was able to manage the business owners beliefs and get them to expand, my blueprint worked better than when I wasn’t successful in increasing their belief system.

The business owners I worked with didn’t lack the skills or intelligence to grow their business – the lacked the right beliefs!!!


Yes – I discovered that the key ingredient to a business owners success is their beliefs.

Ever since my revelation I’ve handled mentoring in a totally different way. When I ask people about their business I simply listen out for their beliefs about why they are or are not as successful as they want to be. Once I find a few limiting beliefs I challenge the owner and if I can get them to expand their thinking – my jobs 95% done. The rest is just the little details, like setting up an email marketing system or installing a referral campaign, etc.

For example, ‘The reason my company isn’t growing is because’:

  • The economy is in the dumps and the only way for my company to do well is for the economy to pick up
  • The woman I purchased my business from was a big personality and I’m simply living in her shadow
  • I’m the only one that do things properly and there isn’t enough of me to go around
  • I know I need to write more (blog, etc) but I’m not a good writer
  • Our marketing is bad shape but we don’t know how to change it?
  • We hired a bad egg and she/he caused the culture to deteriorate

There are millions of reasons a business owner will give for why they’re not growing. And each of those reasons leads to a belief that business owner has about their business.

Sure – the economy is in the dumps and that’s a fact. But you don’t have to believe the economy will negatively impact your business. Once you choose to accept that belief – My business is doing back because of the economy – you’ve locked yourself into a boundary that will work to prove you right.

Whatever you believe – you’re right!

You can choose to believe whatever you want. And whatever you believe will create the boundaries that you operate in. You can believe that you can’t have your cake and eat it too OR you can believe that you can have your cake and eat it.

Personally, I want to eat my cake and boy, I’m eating lots of it.

My overall point is this – your businesses success or failure is determined by the boundary of your beliefs. A belief is something that you’ve decided to accept as true, but you don’t have to allow any belief to be true.

It’s very tricky, however, to see this in yourself. You simply don’t know what you don’t know. That’s why you need someone to know what I’m taking about to challenge you.

Give me your challenge – send me an email letting me know why your business isn’t growing as fast as you want it to. Let me demonstrate to you what I’m talking about. Email me at Kim@HowLifeReallyWorks.com

Summary of my points regarding the magic formula to success

  1. Most teachers/consultants that you learn from haven’t actually experienced the successes that they’re trying to teach you how to do.
  2. Even if you do find a mentor that has a track record of success in the area that you’re looking for, chances are they don’t really understand the key success factors.
  3. The one and only factor that’s determining your business growth success is your beliefs about your business.

Special note about consultants – whether they’re experienced or not – consultants can be helpful so don’t get me wrong. The way that they’re helpful is they can educate you. Perhaps you have a belief that you’d make more money if you got on Twitter. You then hire a consultant to show you the way. As long as the consultant adequately demonstrates the power and potential of Twitter you’re belief boundary will expand. You’ll eventually think, ‘yes – Twitter can help the business,’ and therefore it does.

On the flip side, if you think Twitter is a waste of time but you hire a social media agency you’re in for a struggle. I know loads of company owners that do things because they don’t know what else to do. They take stabs in the dark and while they’re stabbing they don’t believe their efforts are going to work anyway.

Recommended reading: Timothy Ferris, 4-Hour Work Week  – This book is really good to demonstrate how to work far less hours and get way more done. This book will help any business owner expand his or her boundaries as to what’s possible in terms of business growth. And the great thing about this book is that it proves you can work less hours and make way more money 🙂

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