Stop your imagination from limiting your life! Reviewed by Momizat on . What is imagination? On Wikipedia, imagination is defined as follows: “Imagination, also called the faculty of imagining, is the ability to form new images and What is imagination? On Wikipedia, imagination is defined as follows: “Imagination, also called the faculty of imagining, is the ability to form new images and Rating: 0
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Stop your imagination from limiting your life!

Stop your imagination from limiting your life!

What is imagination?

On Wikipedia, imagination is defined as follows: “Imagination, also called the faculty of imagining, is the ability to form new images and sensations that are not perceived through sight, hearing, or other senses.” See for a fuller definition.

I suppose an even easier way to describe imagination is that it’s the pictures or movies that we run in our head. The interesting thing about imagination that most of us unintentionally allow our imagination to limit our lives.

Usually on automatic pilot, we imagine what will happen if…I lose my job, gain more weight, stutter during a presentation, fail an exam, never find a significant other, lose money, get yet another pimple, get bad news from the doctor, are told a root canal is needed and on and on.

We imagine that we might be late, we might not be liked or accepted…we might not be loved.

But how often do we imagine what will happen if, I get a better job, lose weight easily, present an amazing presentation, pass an exam with flying colors, find a significant other that is absolutely perfect, increase my income, enjoy my beautiful complexion and natural beauty, get great news from the doctor (you’re mind/body are functioning as if you’re 20 years younger), or are told that you have perfectly healthy teeth?

Not often – eh? No…it seems as if we use our imagination to consider the worst rather than the best that can happen.

Question: what’s the knock on effect of imagining the worst?

Answer: You get what you focus on, so if you’re focusing on what you don’t want you’re more likely to get it. That’s where the saying, ‘what you resist persists,’ comes from. By resisting anything it’s causing you to focus on it.

Another Question: Can you choose how to use your imagination? Or can you consciously direct your imagination?

Answer: Yes

So…why do we allow our imagination to limit our life?

Throughout our younger years we’re taught to stop daydreaming, get out of cloud coo-coo land, be realistic, think logical, live in the real world and avoid looking like a ‘dreamer.’ Our school systems teach us how to use our left (logical) brain and ignore our right (creative/intuitive/gut feeling) brain. This in turn causes an imbalance. We effectively are taught to turn off our creative/intuitive/feeling side and give all of our power to the logical side of our brains. This then causes an unfortunate impact on how we use our imagination.

The left brain – the logical side of our brain is very inflexible. It knows what it knows and that’s all it knows. Using logics to solve a problem often creates more problems. It’s your logic that got you into the problem so using more logic often doesn’t help.

When thinking ‘logically’ we only have the ability to use our past experiences as a blueprint for our future. If we always ended up with dead-end jobs then our logic tells our imagination that the future offers more dead-end jobs. Or out logic might reason that we’ll always end up with dead-end jobs because our education is lacking. Logic only knows what it knows and what it knows isn’t very expansive.

It’s when we get out of our left brain and dream, meditate, do a mundane task (wash the dishes), or stop thinking about the problem that a solution finds its way through. I could never understand why I had such amazing insights when I went to bathroom. I can recall several instances where I was working away on a work-related problem, got up to use the bathroom, and ‘bam’ the solution came through. I didn’t put 2 and 2 together that it was my method of thinking (or not thinking) that was causing the problem!

There’s where the right brain comes in – that’s the side of your brain that has the capability to imagine a better outcome. Your right brain is expansive, touch/feely, intuitive. By accessing your right brain you open up your possibilities for a different life – a more improved life.

Question: what would be the difference if tomorrow you wake up and live your day as you normally would verses waking up tomorrow and answering the question, ‘What would make this day the best day I can imagine?’ By answering that question, you’re more likely to ‘force’ your right brain to dream a bit – to enlarge your possibilities.

A better way to use our Imagination?

Ideally, a better way of functioning would be to use both our creative/intuitive and logical sides together. To allow insight, epiphanies, new perceptions, expansive ideas and to play ‘pretend’ in a way that then allows our logical side to absorb the new information and then take action with an upgraded perception. As it stands now, our logical side runs the show…and in doing so, our imagination is severely curtailed.

We have this amazing capability to imagine bad things or amazing things but we 1. don’t know we have it and 2. are using it but in an unconscious way (and to our detriment).

Imagine what it would have been like if you had 1 hour/day at school to sit in a room and imagine the best possible life you could imagine (for that day). Or imagine what it would be like to become a ___________. And each day it might change as our likes/dislikes changed, but we were encouraged to try things out (in our minds) knowing that we could direct our imagination in any way that we wanted. We’d learn to imagine X and if it felt good we could ‘play’ more with it or if it didn’t feel good we’d know that it wasn’t an avenue to pursue. What would our lives be like if we were taught how to imagine the best outcome possible rather than being told to ‘be realistic’?

We exercise our bodies at gym class, our left brains during math, history, etc yet when it comes to our intuitive/insightful right brain, we’re not even taught that it exists!

We have this incredible ability to call upon solutions, test out new and exciting realities, find answers to our largest problems and contemplate what would make our life more and more fulfilling yet we’ve unintentionally grown through life not knowing we have this ability nor how to use it.

You use your imagination all the time but the unfortunate thing is that you are doing so unconsciously. You’re using it but don’t know your using it. Every time you worry or become anxious you’re using your imagination to visualize or feel disemowered.

The great news, however, is that if you can imagine the worst, it’s just as easy to imagine the best. You just need to start practicing. You need to take back control of your imagination and instead of letting it go wild on all the bad things that could happen, get yourself to think about all the good things that can happen.

How can you take back control of your imagination and use it for your benefit?

How do you know what you want?  How can you increase your ability to solve problems and create positive life outcomes? One way is to start exercising your imagination consciously. It’s time to take it off automatic pilot and get it to work for you rather than against you. Ask yourself questions, like:

  • “If today could be the perfect day, what would happen?”
  • “What if….” (and make it a positive ‘what if,’ like ‘what if I get a raise – how will I spend the money?’
  • “If I could be my ideal weight, what would I look like, how would I feel, what would I be doing?”
  • “If I could be 100% healthy, how would I feel, what would I do?”
  • “If I could design my life the way I wanted it, how would I design it?”

And then, consider more specific things to imagine (and when imagining, notice how you feel. When you imagine the worst, you’ll feel a certain way and when you imagine the best, you’ll feel very different). This is where you can imagine things you might like to do or try. See how your body responds when you imagine:

  • Talking a walk in nature – seeing trees, wildlife, leaves, and land.
  • Becoming a volunteer – what would you be doing? How does that feel?
  • Designing a hat or a car – what’s it look like. How does it feel to imagine it?
  • Becoming an expert at programming, Art, music, astronomy, or wine tasting.
  • Communicating with someone that you find difficult to talk to and imagine them totally understanding you.
  • Doing something easily that is outside your comfort zone – and enjoying it too!
  • Presenting something at work or to a group and getting an incredible response
  • Helping someone to achieve something and getting rewarded for doing so

So how will taking your imagination off auto-pilot benefit you?

The easiest way to explain it is to feel the effects. Imagine something terrible that might happen to you. How does that feel. Considering that you’re sending out an electromagnetic frequency, imagine how those feelings flow out from you. You’re radiating bad vibes and you’ll therefore attract others with the same frequency. Or you’ll attract a situation or event that matches those vibes.

For example, when your in a rush and in a bad mood, you’ll radiate energy that will cause the situation to be perpetuated. You’ll get stuck in a traffic jam, find yourself behind a tractor or just run into delay after delay. Or consider the concept of having a bad day rather than just one bad thing happening. The reason it’s bad ‘day’ is because something happened to cause your energy to send out disempowering vibes. And as the vibes continued to be sent out, the universe match your internal state and kept sending you people/events that created a line of ‘bad’ situations. When it rains, it pours only happens when you keep focusing on the rain rather than letting it go and looking for the sun.

Now on the other hand, if you’re feeling energized, positive and radiating vibes that empower you, you’ll attract people and situations that match those vibes.

For example, I’m sure you’ve had days where everything when in your favor. The day started good and just progressed in a great way. It’s the same thing as having a bad day – the only issue is that we’ve been ‘programmed’ to have more bad days than good and since we didn’t know that we’re controlling our imagination, we allow life to happen to us.

Your physical world is responding to your inner state/vibration/etc. By using your imagination consciously (being aware of it) you can change your inner state. By changing your inner state, you’re causing the universe to deliver or match situations and people that match your vibes.

I realize this might seem like woooo-wooooo stuff. Even as I write it I know that to some it will sound like science fiction, but I assure you this is real. Your world is a projection of your internal state. If you’re conflicted inside, your physical reality will be conflicted. If you’re a peace inside, your physical reality will be at peace. If you’re day started out bad you can perpetuate it or change it for the better.

Give it a go. Play with this. Experiment. Get yourself to feel really good by imagining all sorts of great things and then go about your normal day and see if anything interesting happens. Or the next time something bad happens, see if you can drop it. Pretend that you have the power to re-record history. Play the ‘bad’ thing over again in your imagination but change it to have a positive outcome rather than negative. See if that changes your vibes for the better.

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