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Self-help books don’t work and this is why

Self-help books don't work! Do you read one self-help book after another thinking, 'this will be the one that really helps me!' Or while you're reading, you feel good but know that once the book is over you'll need to find another book to pump yourself full of positivity? I'm a self confessed ex-self-help junkie! While reading one self-help book I needed to have another one lined up. If I ever finished one ...

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Review: The Seventh Sense by Nano Daemon

The Seventh Sense by Nano Daemon This is  a book I'd recommend for those that have already been exposed to a wide range of spiritual and metaphysical concepts. Within the book, the author covers the same topics discussed in 'How Life Really Works: The Answer to Finding your Purpose & Personal Fulfillment,' however she also covers a variety of other concepts that span a wide range of spiritual topics. Ms ...

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