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My thoughts on avoiding negative influences – especially negative people!

I've met my opposite. I've met Anti-Kim. Anti-Kim is the most negative influence I have in my life. So let's discuss avoiding negative influences today. Here are the characteristics of Anti-Kim. He (yes, it's a he): Health. Takes no responsibility for his physcial health. If there's something wrong with him (aches, pains, being overweight, artritus, bad ears, gout, angina, high blood pressure, low blood pre ...

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Is positive thinking not providing you with the results you want?

Knowledge is only helpful when you can use it Once you conceptually understand how your thoughts create your reality you've made a massive leap in knowledge. This knowledge, however, is often difficult to know what to do with. In fact, knowing that you create your reality can cause quite a few adverse effects. When I altered my perception from thinking life happened to me TO life is created by me, I felt nu ...

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