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If only I won the lottery, my life would be better

Recently, I've been on an interesting journey. In October my husband and I decided to sell everything we own, buy a 56' yacht and put things in place to sail around the world starting in April 2014. What's that have to do with 'If only I won the lottery, my life would be better'? Read on... Thus far, we've sold our house and have moved into temporary accommodation. We've purchased the 56' yacht. We've taken ...

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Life purpose – finding it really has nothing to do with serving people

There are loads of guru's, old and new, that say the answer to finding one's life purpose is to serve others. Serve others? What does that even mean? From a noble persperspective, perhaps this directive is all about literally working to save people and/or the planet? Perhaps 'serving others,' means that we should apply for a job at the UN or Greenpeace or join a Big Brother/Big Sister program? Maybe it mean ...

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Are you in a financial rut? You know you’ve got to change, but you never do – why?

Yesterday I met with a lovely woman - Ellen. She was beautiful, kind, loving and full of enthusiasm for her passions however if you asked her, 'Are you in a financial rut?' she would reply, 'YES'! Ellen explained that she simply can't stand her life anymore - she's very capable, understands all the manifestation laws and yet her ability to attract money is extremely limited. She can see the rut she's in yet ...

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I charge business owners $2,000/day to tell the the magic formula to success. Here it is (for free):

Learn the magic formula to success (value $2,000) in just a few minutes Since I left my career as being a business owner in 2011, I've consulted for a wide range of medium sized businesses and have personally mentored several business owners. The consultancy/mentoring industry is a funny one - for the most part, consultants are often teaching business owners to be successful yet the consultant doing the tea ...

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How to truly live an abundant life – instructions included ;)

(Before I start taking about an abundant life, I just want to thank you for reading this. If you have any thoughts or comments, please leave them below or email me at: - I don't have all the answers nor am I some sort of guru. I'm just a normal person trying to find out how to live the most fulfilling life possible, so if you'd like to help me, and everyone else that reads this, o ...

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Finding success in life – is it eluding you because you think ‘I’m not smart enough’?

Finding success in life We're so accustom to living life and thinking that it works in a particular way that we're blinded by how it really works. We just can't see that our thoughts (the internal) create our reality (the external). The process is so seamless and since we haven't been taught to detect it, we believe the external is created by factors outside our remit. Finding success in life is all about u ...

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