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To get the full scoop on my book go here:  ‘How Life Really Works: The Answer To Finding Your Purpose & Personal Fulfillment‘. Below are some of the testimonials written about my book. And yes…I did include one from my mom.

Feedback from readers of ‘How Life Really Works’

On my recent trip to England to visit my daughter, she noticed I wasn’t quite myself. After sending my brother, my mother and lastly my faithful dog Tucker on their final journeys, I was riddled with guilt. Did I do the right thing in each of these cases? I felt insecure, useless, unworthy and lonely, BUT I didn’t know it! I was blocking it all out. I finally told my daughter how I felt and she pulled out this book she was working on. I did the exercises and in 30 minutes I was free! Free from guilt. It has worked on other issues from the past and present such as trust and jealousy, too. I can’t believe the person I have become. Not only that, but the feelings of guilt, mistrust and jealousy are completely gone and I can’t remember how they felt! Yes, the author of this book is my daughter, but this review is my testimony that she has changed my life for the better and I will forever be grateful for this life changing experience. I am proud to be her Mom.

Barbara Tranello (Mom)
Rochester, NY, USA

OK – I confess to knowing Kim, but I think it makes this review more powerful. She is the most amazing person. Just as you can’t (physically) be around Kim without coming away believing you can do great things, so it is with this book. You will come away believing you can do bigger and better things. But it won’t be wishful thinking because the book also gives you practical advice and exercises on how to get there. If you want more out of life – read this book.

Sandra Bullen
Marlow, UK

It’s amazing to really discover that how we think creates our reality.

This books taught me not to sleep walk into carrying on thinking in the same way. I love this book and I am buying a copy for my 18 year old son who owns a kindle.

Thank you for all the thought that went into writing this book.

Andrew Ashe
Maidenhead, UK

Well-constructed, thoughtfully written, How Life Really Works is a simple yet meaningful way to examine the choices we’ve made, and some we had no control over, that have shaped our view of life and thus our definition of happiness. This book can help many people overcome roadblocks they may have encountered in their life’s journey, and bring them to a realization that it’s never too late to mend a fence or offer a hand in forgiveness.

Suzy Harkola
Sarasota, Florida, USA

This is a great book. It has an important message, but what I like most about it is how practical it is. I almost think of it as a workbook. I have tried a couple of exercises that Kim offers and they do work. I’m really excited about expanding the knowledge to bigger parts of my life. It is a quick, easy read, but has a potential to truly improve some aspects, or even your entire life-give it a try, there are only things to gain!!!

Olga V Fetisova
Cary, North Carolina, USA

At the core of ‘How Life Really Works’ is our belief system, how it was ‘given’ to us and that the power lies within ourselves to change our beliefs in order to create the reality that we truly desire. ‘You think therefore you are.’ Kimberly shows us how we can change our thinking, quickly and easily with positive results. It really is that simple and Kimberly’s style of writing brought the topic to life for me with the many real stories of how people, including Kimberly herself, chose to think differently which resulted in a different outcome – the one that they truly wanted.

This book is a practical guide as Kimberly handholds us through showing us how to go about creating our chosen reality. My advice to everyone is to give it a try and re-align your thinking with what you truly desire. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Have an open mind and try it out – you will be amazed at the results. I was.

Joanna M
Basingstoke, UK

It’s true, your words really have changed my life. The book explains things so simply, isn’t too long and I love the exercises. I would and have recommended this book to friends and family. Thank you Kimberly

Rebecca Stubbs
Waterlooville, UK

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