If only I won the lottery, my life would be better Reviewed by Momizat on . Recently, I've been on an interesting journey. In October my husband and I decided to sell everything we own, buy a 56' yacht and put things in place to sail ar Recently, I've been on an interesting journey. In October my husband and I decided to sell everything we own, buy a 56' yacht and put things in place to sail ar Rating: 0
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If only I won the lottery, my life would be better

If only I won the lottery, my life would be better

Recently, I’ve been on an interesting journey. In October my husband and I decided to sell everything we own, buy a 56′ yacht and put things in place to sail around the world starting in April 2014. What’s that have to do with ‘If only I won the lottery, my life would be better’? Read on…

Thus far, we’ve sold our house and have moved into temporary accommodation. We’ve purchased the 56′ yacht. We’ve taken courses (First Aid for Boaters, Diesel Marine Engine repair and maintenance, VHF Radio, and a couple others). And everything is lined up for us to move onto the boat with our lovely 3 ½ year old daughter by the end of March.

You’d think that I must be the happiest person in the world – yes?

We all tend to think that people in big houses are happier. People that have won the lottery must be happier. Anyone with a nice car must be happier. Thin people are happier. Smart people are happier. Beautiful looking people are happier. Anyone with a small family, a big family must be happier. And of course, anyone that is sailing around the world must be happier (Fill in what you think would make you happier).

Even though I am ‘living the dream’ I’m definitely not high happier (at this very moment)

Why do you think that is? Why do you think I’m sitting here at my coffee shop typing to you about being unfulfilled? How is that possible?

Seriously, how is it possible that a person who wrote a book on how to be happy is unhappy?

Over the past few months I’ve been focusing on getting things done, organizing, coping, dealing with a new routine, dealing with massive change and juggling a multitude of balls. I’ve been dealing with life.

I’ve been focusing on making things happen and because I’ve allowed all my focus to be eaten up by ‘to-do’s’ I’ve lost the plot a bit. As things have progressed I’ve felt myself fall off the rails. I’ve felt my journey take a turn for the worse. I’ve watched myself get more and more stressed knowing that I was allowing it to happen.

I’ll be happier once we get on the yacht

I’m not proud to admit it, but that’s what I’ve been telling myself. And just like you, I know damn well that if I’m not happy now I’m not going to be happy later. I also know that a crappy journey isn’t worth taking. If I want to enjoy the destination I need to figure out how to enjoy the travels that get me there.

I know all these things, but knowing doesn’t mean that I don’t get lost myself sometimes. I’m human. We’re all human. You and I grew up in a generation where we didn’t know How Life Really Works. We didn’t grow up knowing that we’re creating everything.

Actually – I’ll be happier once I remind myself (again!) that I’m the one creating my life

So…let’s put this all into a bit of context. I effectively created a situation where I could live the life of my dreams. I consciously created a reality where I own an amazing yacht, I’ve rid myself of all the ‘stuff’ that was clogging up my life, I’ve changed my diet to eat real food (no processed food), and I’m on my way to creating some sort of income to live on through my various websites.

I’ve done a huge amount of work internally to create an external reality that looks amazing, however I still have quite a bit of work to do. You see, I got lost in all the detail. I thought about what I wanted, it started to materialise through me taking action and then I got lost in the action.

What I have to do now is ‘wake-up’ (again) and re-centre myself

I need to remind myself that I need to take care of me first. I need to find ways to centre myself, feel peaceful, enjoy myself AND ONLY THEN should I move on and take any more actions.

My point for you is this – we’re all dabbling in this ‘conscious creation’ and we’re all learning. At times we forget that we’re creating and as my daughter would say ‘THAT’S OKAY’. Once you get a reminder that you’ve fallen off the rails, just get back on. Just sit quietly and ask yourself, what do I need to do to get happy inside? (Yes, I realise how goofy that sounds, but it’s true).

For me, writing helps. Writing this article is a therapy for me. I’ll walk away from this and have a much more upbeat day now. Another thing for me is to read a spiritual book to remind me of the basics. Also – a big one is to talk to my friends. They can often see that I’ve lost the plot and are helpful in getting my focus back to what’s truly important.

So if you hear yourself saying, I’ll be happy when _______, stop in your tracks. Step out of your life for a moment and assess the situation. If you don’t get the hang of doing this now, what will happen is you will win the lottery and it won’t make a damn difference to your fulfilment. Instead of feeling low and thinking, ‘I wish I had a car,’ after winning the lottery, you’ll still feel low and think, ‘I wish I had a rainbow coloured Bently.’

Can you see what I’m saying? Can you hear my message?

If you’re not happy now, you won’t be happy later. So…be happy now. Practice the art of finding happiness in this very moment and hold onto it as long as you can. When you lose it you’ll forget for a while that you lost it…but you’ll figure your way back.

And the exciting thing about all this is that every time you fall off it gets easier to 1. recognise that you fell off and 2. get back to where you want to be.

Can you relate to this? If yes, please leave a comment below!!! I know it takes time to share, but we need to help each other. Furthermore, writing to me might just be the thing you need to do to get back on the journey of fulfillment. Please share your experiences 🙂

Also – if you’re interested in reading about my ‘Sell up and Sail,’ adventure, please visit SailingBritican.com

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